Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where in the world did 2006 go?

I thought I should post a quick update since it's 2007 and all. We have been hella busy, what with going out to BC for Christmas, all of the social engagements of the holidays, and chasing an 8 month old around the house. Actually, Max isn't quite crawling yet, but soon...either that or he'll just up and walk. There is a lot going on right now in the Fickle Feline household. The biggest change is that I am taking care of Max's BGF Maya while her mom goes back to work for a few months. I say a few months because Maya's mom is having another baby in April. Goodness! So, Maya will be hanging out with us during the week for the next three months. Today is Day #2 and so far I still have all my hair. Wish me luck!


  1. If this posts twice, sorry. i am still having trouble with comments on this google beta blog or whatever it is.

    Basically I just said Happy Holidays, glad you survived the weather madness in BC. Hopefully we can get together for coffee next time you are in town..etc..

    Max looks fantastic ! How'd the big guy do on the plane and everything ?

  2. Hi Tina!

    Sorry we didn't get to visit during this visit. We ended up booked up every day before we even touched down in Vancouver.

    I'm hoping we will be out some time in the spring or summer. Max did great on the plane, considering you have to sit still for 5 hours. We had an extra seat on the way back which really helps. West Jet is great with babies too. I'll never fly Air Canada out west again.