Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home Again.

Cam and I got home on Monday night - and I'm happy to report we arrived in one piece (individually, that is). Ithaca was awesome as usual and the car was packed to the gills as a result of much shopping and my sister-in-law Haschmo being very generous with baby items she no longer needs because my nephew Zevi has outgrown them (I also think she is happy to get this stuff out of her house until she needs it again).

Scott and Max were happy we came home - each for their different reasons. I think Max missed story time and Scott missed having someone adult to talk with. I have been really tired since I got back, and Cam has been a little fussy. I think traveling took it out of both of us. Tomorrow we're going to head to the farmer's market to get our weekly supply of fruit and vegetables. I also want to get to Organic Garage to pick up some other supplies for the house.

Cam is a tired little camper (and 16 weeks old today!), so it's time to hit the sheets. More tomorrow, I promised!

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