Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maxwell Hunter: 28 months.

Dear Max,

This has been a really exciting month for you - you have started talking! We have been waiting for this for a long time little buddy, and each day we listen closely for whatever new words you are going to throw our way. I'm so thrilled, I am keeping a list of your words - I even sent a copy of the list to your daycare so they could listen for those words (and hopefully add to the list with new ones!). You seem to be a bit shy about talking in front of your dad, so he has to trust the rest of us that you are in fact starting to talk.

My favourites so far are when the other night at the end of your bath, I pulled the plug out and said "water go bye bye", you looked at me, stood up and said "done!" as you vaulted yourself out of the tub. You also gave your grandpa (aka "Bumpa") a thrill when he came in the door and said "hi Max" and you looked at him and said "hi". Your teacher, Jennifer, almost fell over when you said "hi" to her last week - I think you made her day. You also like to say "push" when you are laying on the couch to get me to push on the bottom of your feet. It comes out kind of like "ush", but I know what you mean.
Your favourite toys right now are your cars. You like the ones that rev up and roll across the floor on their own. I bought you some monster trucks that even flip over, which you think is really cool. When they roll under your trampoline you crawl under it to pull them out (quite a sight to see your little feet peaking out from under the trampoline as you try to reach them).

As your sister gets bigger, we are starting to bring out some of your older toys and you are very interested in these. Sometimes you take them and hide them (like that vibrating turtle toy) and sometimes you just hang out and play with them yourself. I hope you don't mind sharing your old toys too much - I know sharing can be hard.

Max, you are turning into a boy right before my eyes and I'm not sure I'm ready for it (though I'm kind of thrilled that you look like me - check out this picture of me when I was five). Every day you do something new and it we are all amazed at how terrific you are doing. Your grandparents love the daily progress reports and pictures of you with your big toothy grin. Keep it up - you are one awesome little guy.


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