Wednesday, March 23, 2011

week 13 of p90x.

my workout set up - Tony on the laptop with the sun lamp my mom gave me blasting!
Officially speaking, Tony Horton and P90X entered my life on December 26th (2010). When I first looked at the 13 week program, empty worksheets and stack of 12 cds I felt intimidated and nervous (and secretly wondered "who am I kidding with this?").  Friends of mine had tried it and failed. But one friend had managed to completed the program and felt and looked terrific after.

The first week of P90X was hard. But, there was something about this Tony guy that kept me coming back for more.  Plus, as sore as I was, I felt hyped about the program (big time).  The first 4 weeks were actually easy in the sense that staying motivated wasn't an issue in the least.  I remember raving to my friend who had done P90X about the changes I was seeing and being told "just wait - you are still early in the game".

I kept on trucking, day in, day out.  The only thing that temporarily derailed me was getting the flu.  I got back on track though (wow was that hard).  And now fast forward to March 23rd and I only have 5 more workouts to go until I complete the program.  It already feels like a huge achievement!  Now, I know showing off before and after pictures is a big part of this whole thing, but...well, I'm not sure if I'm going to do it.  I've had some feedback as of late that I have been showing off my physique too much, so unless there is a huge outcry (hah!) I'm going to lay off the photos of me in my workout wear.

Apparently I am supposed to take 2 weeks off after I finish P90X before I jump into my next program.  I'm not sure I'll be able to sit still that long, but I'll give it a try (and likely check out the local yoga studio "kula" to make sure I stay limber).  I'm jumping into a hard core cardio interval program next that REALLY makes me nervous.  But word has it that if I can do P90X, I can do anything.  Guess we'll see about that!


  1. Caroline10:00 p.m.

    Count me as part of the huge outcry! If you've got it, which apparently you have, then, by God, girl, you flaunt it! YEE-HAW!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:08 p.m.

    you have to do what you are comfortable with doing, darling.

    Go with that.

  3. I think you are looking fabulous and should show it off as much as possible! You do look better than you did 10 years ago (from your previous post) so flaunt it!

  4. Anonymous9:48 a.m.

    I think there is a conflict of interest between Tony and his brother Tim!

  5. Well, we'll see how I feel next week. I am happy to share the pics privately at the very least!

  6. Anonymous11:29 a.m.

    I completely disagree and think it is motivation to see the changes my darling old friend....people who think you are showing to much are perhaps a tad affraid that they can't follow in your foot steps...personally you have been keeping me motivated mate and I do admit I grin and think back and think you have always been motivated. Remember when you decided we couldn't take the bus home anymore but instead had to walk home after school with our 900lb school bags....hahaha you keep at it babe...and I am doing the same from across the country. I'm very very very proud of you and I say...SHOW THE WORLD what a lot of hard work gets yah!

  7. I for one would like to see the results.. I am on my own journey and totally regret not taking pictures from day one and measuring, etc.. I would like to see your progress pics for sure.

  8. Really? People say that? It's your blog do what ever the damn hell you want.

    On a different note: I think photos help us remember... how good (or bad) we felt at that moment in time. It can be a reminder of your weeks! of hard work.

  9. Anonymous9:57 a.m.

    I think you look amazing, post the pics. I do the gym thing or run 4 days a week but I don't get results like you are getting, so whatever you are doing you're doing it right. Go for it, if it helps you stay motivated who cares what other people think...