Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day.

She's so cute I could just eat her up!Things are looking up from computer land. Scott's old computer is getting wiped clean and a new O/S is getting installed - and - I should have it set up tonight. Thank gawd as having to share with him has been tough - hence the lack of blogging. That's my excuse anyway! Not much going on from Katland, just that it has been f'n hot out and I have been hiding my fair skin inside, all the while attempting to convince Scott to turn the A/C up, just 1 stinkin' degree. I could insert a "he's so cheap he must be Scottish joke in here, but I don't know any". I finally just did it and he didn't seem to notice.

This pic is of the lovely Hanna. Isn't she just the CUTEST thing? Speaking of babies, our friends Jen and Brad are coming over tonight and Jen is preggers - due sometime in December (mid to late?). I asked Brad what Jen's due date was the other day and he said "I dunno..." and then I asked him if he was planning to take some vacation and he said "I hadn't thought about it yet...". So, clearly he is still working on getting his head around this baby, or he is just trying to act cool for me and Scott. Hah. I guess he still has 5 months to sort it out! Tomorrow we are heading out to Aurora to see our friends Shane and Steph and their baby Charlotte. They are reclaiming their social life, though I think they have done a damn good job of it already - they are out and about a lot with their little girl. So, here we go with Babypalooza 2005.

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  1. Anonymous4:07 p.m.

    Cheap is when your husband has to be booted out the kitchen when you clean the fridge because a Scottish wake ensues otherwise.