Monday, July 04, 2005

I got my driver's license 14 years ago today.

Lock your doors folks, Karla Homolka is finally a free woman. And as much as she says she will “never forgive herself” for what she has done, somehow that rings a little hollow to me. I’m glad that she has chosen to live in Quebec and not Ontario, though it does creep me out to think that when she does eventually return home to St. Catharines to visit her family, she’ll be driving pretty much right by my house on the QEW. I think she is exactly right to fear for her life, but it doesn’t break my heart because really, maybe it is appropriate that she should understand just an iota of a fraction of what her victims felt. I think she will be a magnet for fucked up people with the potential for violence and I also think she is attracted to these very people which is just a recipe for disaster. But maybe this is a “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” type of situation. We all know we need to cross the street if we see her coming, it’s the ones that you can’t pick out…


  1. I remember her story, boy she looks like sh*t. She is one creepy sick woman.

  2. she looks kind of haggard. i guess 12 years in prison will do that to you. her eyes always looked dead to me, though--devoid of all light and life. leesa's right. she's creepy.

  3. she better hope no one is waiting at her front door with a baseball bat.

    damn murderous wench