Monday, July 25, 2005

Step away from the mic.

I love INXS way more than you guys!
Since we already know that nothing of any consequence happens on Monday night (at least, not on Rockstar INXS) this is more of a vanity post than anything else. Hey - how many whiny-pseudo-wannabe-rockers does it take to change a lightbulb? None - they get the band to do it in the background while they dance around out front trying to look badass.

Again with the toasting of Neal like he is dead. What is with all of the dudes bawling their eyes out like he was such a great contribution to rock? Gimme a break - he couldn't carry a tune in a bucket that guy. Get over it. Also, why does J.D. care if the other singers are "cool" with him? Only one person gets to be the lead singer of INXS dude. Balls out and go for it. Note, Brandon is a dipshit and he needs to shut it. Something else I learned - Mig is a sap (but all men are when it comes to them and their one and only).

Is this where I bite the head off a dove?

Rockstar Clinic - Stagecraft (sounds like an optional course I tried to pass off as a required arts and science course....):
As a singer I know how hard it is to watch and/or hear yourself sing. On top of that to have a room full of singers critique you as well? Damn. That's tough. Question - why, oh why, do they keep picking on my man Ty? Also, Brandon needs to die in the face. He is such a douchebag, hypocrite, and a dumb dumb singer.

Song Selection:
J.D. tries to get Jordis to change songs with him, and actually convinces her to give up her first choice of "We are the champions". Kind of makes me want him to fall on his ass for doing that and playing head games with her. THEN, he tries to get her to switch back and she is all "whatever dude, talk to the hand" and that made me love her even more. What an idiot - again with the arrangement deal. I just loved how the band shut him down. HAH! I'm not sure whether tomorrow night is going to be a laugh riot or a quiet riot...guess we'll have to see.


  1. I'm so glad you're consistently posting on this show. Thanks for being the secondary dealer of my summer TV addiction.
    The more this show goes on, the more the "Burnett-ness" comes out. Just like in Survivor and The Apprentice, people are starting to combust. The sad fact is that face-time usually means death in Burnett-land, so J.D. and Brandon and Mig are likely on their way out fast.
    I'm with you completely on the Ty love. I don't understand why they keep pushing him down - he's totally magnetic to watch. Maybe he could lose the hair - I don't really like the hair.
    And Jordis reminds me SO much of my friend Nann that I have to cheer for her. Here's hopping tomorrow is not too cringe-inducing. Maybe Dave will wear a shirt?

  2. It is definitely getting cheesier each episode, and INXS themselves are the cheesiest, most wooden part. I think they should really do away with the Monday night show, it really doesn't add value except to make some of these guys look like morons. And I'm glad that someone out there agrees with me about Ty as well. Dave should definitely wear a's hoping.

  3. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on last night. Holy crap did Heather suck ass or what? That was painful to watch. And what was with J.D.?? I'm wondering if his performance wouldn't have been quite as horrific had he not been crying....

  4. It was so so bad. I am still to come later this morning :)