Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The chicks hit the fan.

Sometimes it don't matter how purdy you are - just ask DaphnaMuch to my amazement, Dave N. was wearing a shirt again. According to his blog he has been sick though, so, we'll cut him some slack. Brooke looked a lot better tonight, leaving the gunny sack at home in exchange for a tight black halter top and oodles of silver chains.

On the "encore" tip, INXS asked Marty to sing Lithium again. I think he sang it better last night, but I am sure he was a little surprised to be singing tonight, so I'll be nice. At least he isn't a cocky so-and-so like J.D. Interesting how Brooke asked all the singers if they thought they would be in the bottom three. I wasn't looking that closely, but I noticed Jordis did not raise her hand. Lol - she is one confident woman, love it. Some of those guys who raised their hands were just trying to look modest.

Bottom 3: Jessica, Daphna, and Heather. WTF? WHERE IS BRANDON? HOW UNFAIR! While Jessica didn't offend me last night she certainly isn't anything special. Daphna blew big chunks last night (punk or not) and Heather, well, no surprise there really.

INXS "Save your ass" Covers:

Daphna - What You Need
I think she will forever more regret this pink babydoll wardrobe choice. I mean, pink babydoll...not very rock 'n roll. I thought this was a weird song for them to pick for her - they have been harping on her to sing songs that are more melodically challenging, and this certainly wasn't it. Funny that part of the band decided to play (how well can they actually hear when they are playing?). Definitely a better view of her butt though.

Heather - By My Side
Damn, she looked like she was barely breathing. Sullen, low energy - what the hell? The band put it best when they said it appeared she had already given up. She was better than last night, but so was the stale bagel I ate for breakfast.

Jessica - Elegantly Wasted
Another bad key for the ladies to sing in. I am surprised they don't have some of these songs arranged a third or fourth higher - seems obvious to me that they are going to have to do this on all of their songs if they pick a woman.

Given the heave ho: Heather and Daphna. I am not really shocked by this - I bet it will happen once more at least. There is a lot of dead weight up on that stage, and I doubt they still want to be doing this show 9 weeks from now. Also - woo hoo for Tara staying out of the bottom 3!


  1. Anonymous10:21 p.m.

    Kat wanted a comment from me so I shall. :)

    1) When I was anywhere near the music biz and INXS were a going concern, they were a decent band but they were overplayed in a way that Avril Lavigne could never possibly imagine. I liked them, then I did not.

    2) When Michael Hutchence passed (disappointingly) I was surprised because they were on a seeming comeback, and they suddenly overnight disappeared from the airwaves. That's kind of weird. Their music wasn't about how Hutchence died.

    3) INXS made an attempted comeback featuring Terrence Trent D'Arby. I actually like(d) TTD, but feel this was a horrendous mistake.

    4) Now? Out of nowhere? When literally nobody is clamouring for "the great INXS comeback", comes this... show!

    I can't get into it at all. I don't understand why it's an INXS show and yet they're covering every band *except* INXS (seemingly til tonight)

    I don't understand why such an otherwise talented band doesn't just reinvent themselves. They're excellent writers. They should write! Should this eventually be a success I would hope that INXS release a NEW album with NEW songs. I am willing to wager that won't happen. There will be a "best of" from this show probably, then a tour, featuring old INXS songs. Which will probably rake in the cash.

    Anyway that's me and I went overlong. But she did ask me to post. :)


  2. Yeah! Thanks for posting - exactly what I was hoping for :)

  3. Anonymous11:46 p.m.

    Hey Atomdee, there are some chapters in the bible shorter than this epistle. Nice!

  4. Anonymous12:13 a.m.

    Terence Trent D'Arby fronted INXS? I can't believe I don't remember that. Did they cut an album?


  5. Anonymous9:58 a.m.

    Yes indeedy: TTD, Terrence Trent, etc.

    June of 1999 they did an inaugural show in Sydney, Australia to largely quite mixed reviews. Apparently Terrence and the band did not completely gel and no further appearances were made. No album was ever cut, though that was the plan. (Rehearse, play live, write new material etc.)

    I remember seeing bits of this show on MuchMusic at the time and I have to say his version of the song "Kick" was actually pretty damn good.

    ad (keeping it shorter.)

  6. Anonymous6:47 p.m.

    I liked American Idol, yet I can't get into Canadian Idol. I have tried. I can't get into this either, although I did see a bit of Navarro & Electra gettin' wed. What is wrong with me? Am I normal??

  7. Kat... Canadian Idol had a Stevie Wonder theme the other night...full of white folks damaging his songs.

    You would have been tres tres upset. I hope you didn't watch.

  8. Ugh - such disrespect. I can't believe they did that and I am relieved I didn't see it!