Monday, August 01, 2005

The time it takes to get from here to there.

I had a long overdue visit with Jennifer this weekend (it involved me getting off my "everybody-comes-to-Toronto-eventually-lazy-butt" and taking the train to Ottawa). I love Ottawa, mostly because Jennifer lives there, but also because it just seems like a more chilled out city. Drivers don't freak out, people aren't so concerned about being super stylish, movie tickets are under $10. Really very civilized if you think about it.
Me with Potter and Hannah
Jennifer's 30th birthday is on Tuesday, so I was also visiting to celebrate with her. Typically our visits include hanging out, reading gossip/fashion magazines, shopping and eating. This weekend did not disappoint. Jennifer picked a yoga shirt from Lululemon for her birthday gift, and we then proceeded to drink wine/beer after and laugh our asses off at their over the top newsletter. They take themselves very seriously for an overpriced yoga store. I mean, to say that your clothing provides people with the components to live a longer, healthier and more fun life is a pretty big claim. Let's just be clear - they sell stretchy breathable clothes for yoga...when did they become financial and health experts (their manifesto also suggests that one not trust that an old age pension will be sufficient)? Hopefully it is tongue in cheek...but still, very odd. Also, children are NOT the orgasm of life. That's just creepy.

Anyway back to the trip. The thing I love about Jennifer, (well, one of them, there are many) is that we have known each other since we were nine years old, so there is a ton of history between us, yet there are also some gaps. We were driving back to her house from one of our shopping trips, and somehow the topic of losing one's virginity came up. We were both pretty happy about the fact that we managed to wait until we were 19 (me almost 20!) before we did the deed. I needed reminding about who her first was - her boyfriend at University. She needed no reminding of who my first was as there was much drama and heartbreak (as usual with one's first) involved. She summed it up in one sentence: "Boring, boring, Murray" to which I followed up with "Gay, gay, Ryan". You do the math.

We also saw "Wedding Crashers" which I had negligible expectations of but found quite amusing, and I took Jennifer for Thai food for her birthday dinner. So, great weekend with a great lady, fine food, wine, shopping, and mucho four-legged beasts. I will have to make it back this fall to see the leaves turn. Maybe next time I'll bring Scott.


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