Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lady In Red and Boys In Eyeliner.

I considered calling this blog “Brooke Burke and her lovely ta-tas", but that would just be crass. But seriously her boobs look freshly faked, I’m wondering if her soon to be ex gave her one last boob job for the road (he is a plastic surgeon after all). Dave Navarro did not disappoint either, he is slowly working back to his normal shirtless self, this time opting for unbuttoned to the navel. Nice!
Hooray for boobies!

So last night, they did an “Originals vs. Songwriter” theme. Suzie pulled a J.D. after suggesting that they all draw names from a hat and she was all “but I wanna sing my original it’sooooooooooo good” but thankfully Deanna and Mig stood their ground and showed her the hand. What I will say about the whole original song thing is that I think these singers need to remember that it may be a double edged sword. The audience votes for who they like, and part of liking someone is liking the song they sing. It’s hard to like a song (or even remember it for that matter) after only hearing it one time through. The recipe for success is does the audience like the song (meaning do they know it?) and do they like your interpretation. I doubt very many voters are actually considering “who would be the right choice for INXS” at this point. They are just voting for who they dig.

Suzie – Cameltoe City (Start Me Up)
She almost missed her entrance with her dumb shout out to her peeps. While I definitely think she is a strong singer, she has never connected with me. I think that live she is probably fine, but she doesn’t carry across the airwaves. Dave N. (who was surprised she has been in the bottom 3 so many times) should watch the show from home with Carmen and see if he still thinks she is so great. Me thinks no.

J.D. – Cold As Ice
Still a cocky SOB, but how can you not love that eyeliner? Hawt! Also, does he have a sock in his pants? Yowzers. I think he sang the song well and had a lot of confidence which made it compelling. The vocal harmony section with the band sucked though (totally out of tune, mostly J.D.’s fault). INXS loved it though, and they seem to like the risks he takes (one of them being that the rest of the singers will gang up on him and drown him in the pool).

Deanna should kick Ty in the assDeanna – My Truth
I'm wondering (and maybe Adam can tell me) how they can write new material and get it copywrited so fast? Is it the whole, once you say “I wrote this” and then perform it on TV thing, that means it belongs to you? Or can you just seal the music in an envelope and mail it to yourself? The song completely catered to her voice and it was nice to hear her sing in a comfortable key. Hence, not a lot of range in the melody, but fuck, she sang it with balls (especially since she didn’t have much time to write it and then learn it). Good for her.

Ty – Proud Mary
Wow, buddy totally took credit for writing Deanna’s song – 1 dickwad point for Ty. That was unnecessary (has he been hanging out with J.D. or something?). I didn’t love this version of Proud Mary. It was too fast, the background vocals stunk (specifically: out of tune, not groovin’, and falling apart), and it just left me cold. The band liked it, but I think they were just checking out Brooke Burke dancing to it.

Mig is a fan of Clockword OrangeMig – Do Or Die
The beginning was kind of minwaxy (meaning, awkward), but it did get better at the chorus. Seemed a bit “rock opera” to me, but I may be full of it. I loved the zebra fabric cod piece he wore over his pants – that was something! I think that the band should be given props for playing the hell out of a song they didn’t really like and I think that Mig sold it through. Dave N. liked it, and the band “appreciated” it, whatever that means. I still like Mig though and I am betting that all of Australia is voting for him.

Marty is ANGRY ROAAAAARRRRR!Marty – I Alone
More eyeliner! Hawtness! Boy does the camera like Marty. He was very intense throughout his performance. I don’t know this song, so it’s hard to say how well he sang it, but he sure did rock his ass off. I thought that his head was going to turn around 360 degrees at the end, he damn near looked possessed. Dave N. lurves him, but the band wants him to stop screaming all the time and sing more. Funny, Deanna shouts most of her songs, but they never say that to her.

Jordis – Shits The Bed (Dream On)
I loved it until she opened her mouth. Great hat. Weird key – I think she opted for a lower key so she could try to hit that note at the end, which she didn’t. The problem with singing a song too low in your range is that it comes off as low energy. She not only had pitch issues, but she didn’t rock at all and missed the ending completely. I am with Dave N. on this, she should have changed the melody to make it work. This is a prime example of a song that only a man should sing. We all have off nights, but this was especially disappointing.

Bottom 3 at the end of the show: Deanna, Ty, Jordis,
Kat’s bottom 3: Suzie, Jordis, Ty


  1. mmmmmm....boyz in eyeliner! as if it happens on the night i miss!

  2. Wow, I totallly missed the bottom 3. I think Suzie got the pity vote. Deanna isn't right for their band, so I'm okay with that choice. Next week it will be Ty or Suzie (the Sweet Suzie lovefest will have to end at some point!)

  3. So Marty totally rocked it in the bottom three. He is a superstar! Although, I'm not sure if I want him to win because I think he would do even better in his own band. Sad about Deanna going home but I wasn't really in love with her. She's a little to Alannah Myles for me. I'm thinking that next week will be Ty. He's just a little too Broadway, don't ya think?

  4. Anonymous7:03 a.m.

    Ty completely rocks. It is a shame that he probably will not make it; but Stuffing-lady is right. He'd likely do better in his own band.

  5. Stuffinghead - Ty is totally more a stage guy than a rock singer. I feel like he is "playing" a rock singer when he performs. Marty is awesome and will get scooped if he isn't picked.

    Can't wait to see next week...soon their going to have to sing 2 songs each (hopefully) to fill the hour!

  6. i'm gonna miss next week as well! i'm counting on you - Kat - for the goods!
    currently I'm riding the Mig lovetrain for lead-singership.

  7. Anonymous12:25 a.m.

    Hey there Kat. :)

    We just got back from the Tori show (which was an adventure of many sorts) and Kat told me I was remiss in not responding to this. So here it is, and I'll try to be brief.

    A show like Rockstar INXS is unique in that they are actually getting some people to show their own compositions. Which is bizarre, and a legal quagmire. But even if they weren't, you'll notice they're all performing a pretty wide variety of songs by established artists. This is only possible if they have a cadre of lawyers on hand to deal with licensing and performance rights.

    That same barrel of legal ammo can more than accomodate a song copyright, but it would also have to license that song. (Isn't publishing wonderful?) So: artist writes song, submits demo to publishing wing of "Rockstar INXS". Show probably has a hand in the publishing of the song. Then the show has to license the song in order to allow the performance. Or an alternative is that the contestants sign a fairly robust waiver (again: team of lawyers) which stipulates that the show owns the song and any other works created during the show. That could get gluey if one of the original songs is considered a "hit" by anyone. The artist would only be able to do anything with it via Rockstar INXS.

    Third alternative: no licensing, no copyright and the song is performed at a loss to the artist. A conversation like "Sure I don't care - I just would love the exposure. Get my foot in the door, etc." I would side with this one because it frees both sides up to do the show. :)

    K so I went on again. Copyright is not easy to nutshell in any way. Especially music copyright.

    I heart your blog, Kat. And congrats on your first Hurricane christening... :)


  8. I noticed Dave Navarro's not in your blogroll, dunno if its cause you didn't find it linkworthy or if you didn't know...but FYI