Monday, August 15, 2005

On a Monday, I am waiting.

If I were a rockstar, I would be...Rockstar INXS can't figure out what the heck to do with that little extra show of theirs. Apparently it was on last night at 8pm, but again, I was left in the dark. Scott and I had a "Law & Order - Mr. Ridiculous" date, and he made me wings, which more than made up for it. I was checking out INXS's website to see what the story was with the show (it was no help), and after I started linking around, I somehow got to this silly MeeGos site. It is similar to the Yahoo Avatars, but they are more cutsy, and um, they cost money. I am cheap, so I just took screen caps of my creations. That first one, is what I would look like if I were a cartoon rockstar. This second one is Alana on her noodle. Umm...maybe you had to be there?

Ridin' the Noodle!This will be an interesting week for me as I have to harness some patience and play it cool. The wonderful world of negotiations. I have a couple of things I'm looking at, and I think there is a chance that both will come to fruition. Then I have to pick the best one for me. I think that either one on their own would be good though, so if they don't both come through, I'll be okay. But man, if they do both come through, that would be AWESOME. I know I am being vague, but it will all become very mud.

Shoutout to my girl Jenn who is getting married on Saturday (seen here with her super cute puppy Dexter). I went to her bachelorette party on Saturday and spent yesterday recovering. I would like to believe that I was not so drunk as to not be in control, somewhat. But, in fact, I may have hurdled over the line of good taste on several occasions, so it is more likely that I was VERY drunk, and just one of those drunk girls who thinks they have it together, but really, they have lipstick smeared across their cheek, they are cursing like a sailor, and hitting on 21 year old bouncers. Nice to know that at 30, I still got it.
Dexter is a Portugese Water Dog


  1. i like muggins better! :)

  2. Thanks Kat for the fun'n'games of building rock stars and avatars - I had so much fun!

    I too am frustrated with the disappearing Monday episode. But maybe it's better to read it on the site - the recap always makes them sound way more intriguing then they play out when I watch it. All Acoustic Tuesday coming up - can't wait to hear your comments on Marty's "Britney" moment!

  3. Cheers! I kidnapped a MeeGos for my blog. Just need to clean it up. Very fun.

  4. Anonymous11:31 p.m.

    Hey Kat!

    So I'm a little behind (I've been a little busy lately)...I just thought I would go back and read some of your INXS comments and such and I was so excited to get a "shout out!" I hope you and Scott are having a fabulous time on your trip. Talk to you when you get back!