Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This thing called life.

Adam and me at Sharky's in OakvilleJust wanted to post a quick update to say that I have been hella busy between my friends Jen and Dave's wedding (which was beautiful and pink and lovely!), starting to work again (ain't that a trip!) and trying to keep Scott's spirits up (he is sick as a dog right now). I taped Rockstar INXS last night so I will watch it tonight after work and make a quick post before I go out to see my friend Alex's band The Free Press tonight. It is their CD release party so we want to go and make an appearance (sick our not, he is our boy). I will have to tape the results show and watch it tomorrow, so don't tell me who gets booted off. Actually, it will be Suzie, so whatever, I showed you. I can tell you that without even watching this week's performances!


  1. Anonymous1:36 p.m.

    Hey there,
    Just a note to say that I think you are funnier than hell, and I read your blog often. Tonight's result show is one hour, not the usual 30 minutes, don't want you to miss the second half if you're recording it.


  2. You ladies are too kind [blush] but I'm glad that someone besides my cat is reading this!