Thursday, August 11, 2005

My baby got back.

oh, I got CURVES alright!

I don't usually get up on my soap box (aka blog) and sing the praises of mass marketed products, but hott damn - the Gap got it right with these new curvy jeans of theirs! See, after visiting Jennifer and having the demoralizing experience of trying on the new Seven/7 jeans that are all the rage, and realizing, they just don't even make them in my size (ouch) plus they cost about $300 (double ouch) I was super thrilled to give these curvy jeans a shot. So, thank you Gap, for not penalizing me just because I got a booty, my thighs touch, I am only 5'4 (love the ankle length!) and I do not want to have to wax to wear my jeans. Shoot, you know what I'm talkin' about with those ultra-low-rise (my hip bones will act as my belt) jeans. Also, I don't want the world to see my ass crack when I bend over, and I also don't want to be tugging at my shirt to make sure my back isn't peeking out. So if you struggle with finding the right pair of jeans, and you are not a stick figure, I strongly encourage you to go give these a try. They're also on sale now for $55 a pair...bootyous.


  1. Very cool, I'm checking it out now!

  2. Oh do! And they are even cheaper in the US ($55 is CDN).

  3. i just bought a pair! as small as i am, the stick girl's got some boo-tay... and the jeans i bought hug the curves i got just fantastically.

    and and and they were on sale, yes! regular 79 bucks. i too, cringe at jeans that cost more than the GNP of a small african nation.

    what i don't understand is, why do they cost so much? they're COTTON, for heaven's sake.

    good on gap. did'ja get your free iTunes scratch card?

  4. I did! I'll have to dig it out and use it. I figure that itunes is just trying to up their subscriber base to prepare for when they take over the world.

  5. I was about to they fit the sistas....but MarloGirl answered, and very well.

    Cause sista has battam for days!

    Ain't nothing wrong with that...

  6. I wore them for Scott yesterday and he was like "booty booty, woot woot! booty booty, woot woot!". Maybe you had to be there?

  7. It's funny that it is revolutionary to have a pair of jeans that fits women whose hips are wider than their waists. This encompasses almost everyone I know!

    I'm just glad there's an alternative to the ass-cleavage jeans that seem to have been the only thing available for the last million years.