Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rock you like a hurricane.

I have waited 30 long years for a hurricane to be named after me. I always figured my name was too plain, but nope, Hurricane Katrina it is. Gotta tell you that it feels pretty righteous to read headlines like "Oil companies evacuate Gulf platforms as Katrina looms" and "Florida sweeps up from Katrina, but braces for a possible encore". It's right up there with headlines like "The dikes will save us" that Jennifer and I never cease to giggle at. Scott lamented to me yesterday that he doubted that there would ever be a Hurricane Scott. I told him that it could happen! Don't give up on it, we're only at K. The only problem is, I think they alternate male and female names, so "S" will technically be a female name this time around. Sigh. Anyway, as much as I am digging that my name is being used to name a massive upheaval in nature, I hope all this shit calms down for our 1 year Anniversary trip to the Bahamas next week. Tomorrow is actually our 1 year anniversary (yeah! we made it a whole year!). More on that later, gotta get ready to go see Tori Amos tonight with Alana, Adam, and Leeanne.


  1. Tell Scotta to look in the history books... plenty of other hurricanes ripped through many countries (including mine...banging up homes and killing people that I know) in the past many years.

    Why do y'all always go away during hurricane season? (laughs) Awww! Y'all should go in the dead of winter, RIGHT AFTER (commercialized) CHRISTmas, when suckas are heading back to work and crying over their enormous credit card bills.

  2. Congrats on the hurricane props Kat!
    Tell Scott not to lament ... i'm sure he has more of a chance than I do. At least he gets toothbrushes and pens and magnets with HIS name on them.

  3. i am waiting for a hurricane joanne. it will NEVER happen. the closest i will ever get is either joan, or joanna... or juanita (the spanish-ish version of my name)...

    happy anniversary. go to the bahamas and rock scott like a hurricane. all week long! LOL

  4. Soli - it's just how the timing worked out with our wedding, then with work and life. I know it's a gamble, but um, it's how it is.

    Raye - I know! He is a lucky guy. I just want a mug, that's all, with "Kat" or "Katrina" on it. No such luck.

    Marlo - maybe you'll get a "Hurricane Jaybee" or something ;-)

  5. My favourite: "President Bush states Katrina should be taken seriously."

    Damn straight!