Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And baby makes three.

A soccer player in the making!
If you are wondering "why the lack of regular blog posts over at ficklefeline as of late?" I can now answer your question openly and honestly. Yep, you got it, I'm up the stump/preggers/expecting/in the family way/knocked up/with child/etc. The reason for not posting about it here until now? Well, I only just told my place of employment, and I wanted to make sure they found out from me and not anyone else. Also, I have been extremely tired and dealing with typical first trimester sickness since the beginning of September. But don't worry, I'm not sick anymore, still tired though (I sleep so much it should be considered a sport).

Hmmm...what other details can I share with you? Due date - end of April (between Scott and my birthdays which are April 23rd and 30th respectively). Projected zodiac sign - Taurus (that will make 3 hard headed bulls under one roof). Sex of baby - dunno, but we will hopefully be able to find out sometime in December. Best part so far - all of the positive reactions we have gotten from all of our family and friends, and seeing the baby kicking up a storm at the 12 week ultrasound (we have a future soccer player on our hands). Worse part so far - feeling like I was going to barf from the end of week 5 to the end of week 11 and waking up every 2 hours to pee. Trippiest part - feeling the baby move for the first time (tap tap...tap tap tap).

Truth be told, I think Scott and I are both still getting out heads around it. I mean, the whole thing is a lot to digest. Very exciting, but totally scary at the same time. Life as we know it is going to change in the very near future and we are suddenly going to be responsible for another human being. Goodness. I can just picture a little Scott Junior...can you imagine? I can barely handle him, let alone the toddler edition! Anyway, I'm sure I'll be posting a lot more on this subject, so bear with me through the next while. I've heard the second trimester is the best of the three, so we'll see if that is actually true!


  1. OH MY GOD! There are no words! Okay, there are plenty...
    congratulations, fantastic, amazing, wow, about time, etc....
    Can't wait for the updates. Hugs from Halifax. Hopefully I will get to see you guys when I'm back for the month of December.

  2. A kitten! Congrats!

  3. Hooo hoo! Congratulamations! I look forward to your tonal analysis of the baby's first screams.

  4. Awh, thanks guys :-) It has been tough to keep this under wraps for so long!

    All name suggestions will be taken into consideration, but no promises (we are already pretty set on a couple of names).

  5. Lol - try being at an all inclusive in the Bahamas! Talk about a waste :-) I am sure it will happen before you know it! Good luck and have fun in Mexico :-)

  6. congratulations, Kat! the sleeping thing? completely understandable--because *pregnancy* is a sport. I'll root for your team.

  7. Ha ha! (wink) Good for you, Scotty and Katress. Of course I'll be praying for the bun!

  8. Looking at the ultrasound, I definitely have to say that the kid has Scott's head. LOL!

    Shaner and I are so excited for you both! Welcome to the insanity :)

  9. That's great, congratulations!!

  10. WOW! What a surprise! Congrats!! :) :)

  11. a BUN! you and Jdid and... and... okay. so no more in blogworld that i can think of right now.

    HOW AWESOME! a bun!

    congrats, congrats...

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