Monday, November 07, 2005

Taking All Bets.

Patrick - when did you get so damn fine?!Ah damn. Somehow my blogiversary totally slipped by me...I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy brain. My mind seems to be doing an incredible impression of a sieve as of late. Seriously, I am able to forget anything and everything. It's actually rather impressive, and I thoroughly enjoy having something to blame it on. It should be noted that Scott told me that one year of blogging really isn't a big deal and likely not worthy of celebration. This from the father of my future child. Nice, eh? I guess I understand as he has now been blogging for 3+ years (check out his new design!). It should also be noted that the very moment he started blogging about the Raptors they completely went into the toilet. Raptorblog curse or just a coincidence? Only time will tell...

Tomorrow morning Scott and I have our first appointment with the baby doctor. I think it is a pretty routine visit (weigh-in, blood pressure, etc). My obgyn is a woman, so that's kind of cool. The best part is that she will hopefully schedule my "big" ultrasound sometime in the next 2-3 weeks where we will find out if we have a Scott Junior or a Kat Junior. I have no "motherly instinct" on this. Seriously, no idea. But I'm taking bets. So far Alana and DAM are on the girl side, and Jennifer has jokingly referred to her "nephews" (though we know there is only one bambino on board). I have been told of one grandparent's preference for a girl (no pressure) and Scott told me this morning that he thought it would be kind of awesome if we had a boy. Me, I'll be happy with a healthy baby, regardless of its "equipment".

As a complete aside, I have to say that my favourite new show is Grey's Anatomy. It is like ER meets the evening soaps. Patrick Dempsey is sex on a stick, Sandra Oh is too awesome for words, Ellen Pompeo has you rooting for her, even though she is a little too cute for my liking, and Isaiah Washington is so stern and sexy and hawt, goodness, I'd risk my career for him too! The only problem is that it is on at 10pm on Sunday nights which is past my bedtime. But I can't resist the pull, so I stay up anyway and then have dreams full of sexy doctors in their scrubs talking clever to each other. McDreamy indeed.


  1. I can't believe you beat me to a Grey's Anatomy post! I am totally slacking as my cast pic has been collecting dust waiting for the moment to gush about the doctor hotness that is this show!

    I became SO addicted last season (while everyone else was ooooing over Desperate Housewives) - mainly because I have an 80s crush on Dempsey. However, the Burke and Christina love is totally winning me over and could Dr. Burke be hotter? You should have seen it last season when they first hooked up and he was all shirtless and open scrubs drawstring ... OMG ... too much to say.

    Lucky for me, the time change puts it on at 8pm in Atlantic Canada so it only interfers with homework. I can't believe I missed last week's episode ... but I caught up yesterday. Yumminess intact!

  2. Anonymous10:34 p.m.

    Please note: Katherine Heigl is actually sex on a stick. :)