Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas Blog #1.

You may think it is early to start blogging (or even thinking) about Christmas, but then, you aren't me. Spending this past weekend in Ottawa with Jennifer has me inspired to get going on things like my Christmas baking (which will commence this Saturday) and at the very least, start figuring out what I am going to get people. Truth be told, I started my shopping back in October, and I have already purchased quite a few new ornaments for our tree. This year we are getting a new pre-lit tree (note - putting lights on Christmas trees will potentially end even the strongest of marriages). That is why the PRE-LIT option is the one for me.

Last year's lighting of the tree was the final straw. Poor Scott was doing his best to follow my instructions, but I am a difficult taskmaster, and he could not seem to please me. We muddled through it, but afterwards I could tell he could do without experiencing the lighting of the tree again. And really, the truly fun part is putting the decorations on, not getting the darn thing out of the closet and assembling it. Some of you may applaud my use of a fake tree while others may be dismayed. I don't like cleaning up the needles and with a cat like Bossa who enjoys pissing on things, I really don't want to encourage her to mark her territory or drink from the tree stand water. Lol. Scott just emailed me in dismay at my tree selection (Scott: "$260! I hope I get a bonus this year!"). I didn't even pick the most expensive one there for goodness' sake.

Onto baking. For the next 4-6 weeks I will bake a different type of cookie on each Saturday. I freeze them right after baking so they stay fresh, then thaw them out as need be in December. I have sent out a few emails soliciting cookie exchanges in hopes of having an ├╝ber fantastic selection that will rival what I did last year. I am planning to bake:

Cranberry White Chocolate Shortbread
Gingerbread Cookies
Orange Spice Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Vanilla Pinwheel Cookies
Skor Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cranberry Almond Bark

Hopefully I will be able to get someone else to do gingerbread for me. I don't seem to be very good at applying icing (last year's batch tasted good but looked like a 2-year-old had decorated them). Sigh. You can't be good at everything! I also need to get some bars in there (nanaimo, fudge, butterscotch?) to mix it up a bit. For some people Christmas is about the presents, for me it is much more about family and food. This year the stress will be even more so on family and food as I will be having a dry Christmas. No happy hours for me this year - a great deal for Scott, who will no doubt enjoy all of the parties we go to more than I will.

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  1. Lol. I just noticed that my first Christmas blog last year was also on November 15th. Must be hardwired into me or something!

  2. I am REALLY good with the icing bag - I used to decorate cakes at Dairy Queen. However, I HATE gingerbread.

    Not sure I'm crazy about cranberry, but when you pair it with chocolate (even white choc which I find to be a cop out) and buttery shortbread, it can't be wrong!

    Orange spice - no thanks. BUT YES PLEASE TO SKOR!!! Favourite.

    I have a couple specialties that might give you something different:
    1. chocolate peanut butter balls
    2. pecan cornflake chews
    3. chocolate marshmallow log

    I usually do a baking weekend with Sarah. Can't wait!

  3. Anything with the word "log" in it has to be good. Actually, they all sound good. The sugar cookies are actually really yummy (you don't even notice the orange). And they are pretty...snowflakes with blue sprinkles.

    I'll email you to see if we can set up a time/place to make an exchange.

  4. I love to bake for Christmas, I especially enjoy the fun cookies! You just made me hungry for them now :)

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