Monday, November 21, 2005

Is this turkey dry, or is it just me?

Madison = BOOberries!
I don't know about the rest of you Grey's Anatomy watchers, but I've been struggling ever since Derek and Meredith broke up. It isn't that I like Meredith all that much, but I liked "them". I liked their chemistry, their "steam", the fact that their romance was secret and wrong in that "work place romances are bad and never end well" kind of way. Remember when he bought glow in the dark condoms? See, that was hawt. But now we are left with what? Derek looking all unhappy with his decision to give Madison another try, and Meredith sulking around the hospital. I just don't buy the whole Derek and Madison getting back together storyline. I'm not feeling it. As of last night it looked like they were about to give new meaning to "Thanksgiving" by getting it on in his trailer, and to that I say, "whatever". Seriously, I feel no passion there. Kind of a token gesture on Derek's part, a pity fuck, if you will. He really should be with Meredith.

Maybe the big show that is going to air after Superbowl will give us what we want, because I know I am not the only one who wants to boo and hiss at the screen when Madison comes on. Even better - how about a Christmas or New Year's reconciliation where Madison gets on a plane (or a broomstick) and flies her ass home to New York (for good), while Derek and Meredith smooch under the mistle toe or as the clock strikes 12? Yeah! ABC - you listenin'? As for Madison, I'm not sure why I don't like her, probably because I spent last season rooting for Meredith and lusting after Derek's fine self. I mean, as a married woman, you'd think I'd be supportive of Derek going back to his wife/giving it a shot, but, ummm...not so much.

I'm hoping that Cristina and Preston (woot!) keep the romance (sex) going as we can't count on the rest of them to fulfill our needs. Not sure what I think of Izzie and Alex, that is still tbd in my mind, though I know that my friend Adam wouldn't mind if Izzie got a little more screen time. Okay, enough talk about good looking people getting it guys must think this is all I think about...


  1. I was thinking the exact same thing last night after the show about Madison and Derek. You can't really keep trying when there's nothing there! And like you I'm just not feeling it.

  2. Okay, so Madison and Derek have no spark but they are MARRIED. I don't mean to say that married people have no spark, I mean that he should try to work it out with his wife because they they are married. And frankly, Meredith needs to move on and stop moping around the place. Is Derek not kind of a prick (albeit a sexy one) for not telling her the truth upfront? A man neglecting to tell someone he is having sex with that he is married is a dealbreaker. Of course, he is totally hot and I hope that they ultimately end up together but the man has to pay his penance for being a love rat.

  3. I agree that he should give it a shot with Madison, and yeah, he should have told Meredith about the whole being married thing. But I'm talkin' about what makes good television :)

    Plus, agreed, he is a bit of a prick and a love rat. But, also hawt.

  4. Anonymous12:15 p.m.

    Despite my fixation on Ms. Izzie, I actually am much more addicted to Prison Break lately. I keep missing episodes of GA. Networks are making me a sucker by releasing these box sets of series. Bleah. Prison Break last night is some of the best new TV I have seen. Not so much into the soap-opera-y shows.


  5. Her name is Addison. But i'm going to take the Feline's "Madison" as a great dig at her constant state of anger/contempt/disregard for anything but herself ... she's just "mad" all the time ... hehe.

    I am so addicted to this show but I have been less enthused since Derek has revealed himself to be a wussy portrait of a man who can't seem to take a stand. I mean, really, I didn't start watching the Dempsey-hotness to see him mope around and not take his shirt off.

    Then again, that's what Burke is for. Love, love, love him. Sadly, I missed the last episode where he proved himself even more perfect.

    And on a final note...Meredith's fish mouth bothers me.

  6. Lol. I am so terrible with names...but I''ll continue to call her MADison from now on.