Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 1: Weight Loss Challenge.

How did the first day of my Weight Loss Challenge go, you ask? It went okay. I was not perfect, but I think I did fairly well. For breakfast I had coffee, coffee, and more coffee, and some Go Lean Kashi with berries. Lunch was a salmon sandwich on multigrain bread (from yummy Cobs Bakery). Dinner was a chicken breast and steamed veggies. Where did I fall down? Perhaps the glass of wine after dinner was not so great, and the 2 pieces of chocolate may have been a bit anti-WLC...but hey - it was my first day!

I didn't get out for that walk I had such good intentions about, and I didn't drink enough water either. Those will be my goals for today. I did however make it to the evil Walmart for assorted baby and cleaning products. Jennifer will be happy to know that I brought a list and stuck to it! No spur of the moment purchases (even though the Gilmore Girls DVDs were on sale). Funny how quickly diapers, wipes, and bug spray add up. The only thing I bought myself was underwear - very exciting, I know.

The book I ordered from Amazon also arrived yesterday. This was the purchase I made in the middle of the night (chalk it up to feeling sorry for myself and being a bit bored). I am looking forward to reading it, assuming my attention span lasts longer than 2 paragraphs. I'm also trying to read Mists of Avalon right now, with minimal success. I think I get tired just trying to lift it, mammoth volume that it is. ;-)


  1. I don't think a glass of wine and a bit of chocolate is a hug problem! If you deny yourself that stuff, you'll just crave it and be miserable. I think it's better to have a little bit of it than to spend a lot of time thinking about it!

    Reading that book will make you hungry, but for really good, healthy food! ;)


  2. I started reading it last night - I'm really enjoying it!

  3. I love Kashi Go Lean Crunch and I really like Barbara Kingsolver. I have read all of her other novels and once ordered the one you bought at the library, but never got around to picking it up because our library has lame hours. I need to reserve it again, though, because it should be a good read. Let me know how you like it.

  4. Anonymous4:01 p.m.

    oops. That was me, Victoria, not Holly. Who's Holly!? ;0)