Monday, June 16, 2008

Not enough coffee in the world.

It's 8am and I have no business being awake. After being rudely awoken by my darling baby Cameron at 2am, and staying up until 4:30am, I figure I've earned some more sleep. Apparently Cameron does not agree - she is of the opinion that it's time to start our week. Thanks kid.
We had a nice weekend. It started out a little bit rough when on Friday night, Scott, using a damp towel to take my brownies out of the oven, burned his hands and dumped them on the floor (face down of course). With what must have been male logic at work, he thought using a damp towel to take the glass dish out of the oven was just as good, if not better than an oven mitt because the "water would absorb the heat". Hmmmm...not so much. Because he is Scott, he felt so badly for ruining my brownies that he walked over to the grocery store (in the rain no less) to buy another box of mix to make me another batch of brownies. Then, while making the second batch, he dropped what I'm guessing was a half dozen organic eggs on the floor. Expensive brownies! But very tasty - made with frustration and love.
On Saturday we celebrated Father's Day over at Scott's parent's house. Being the class act that I am, I fell asleep on the couch for what must have been a good hour on their couch, leaving the Max wrangling to others. Feel free to invite me to your home so I can sleep through our visit - I get some of my best sleep on unfamiliar furniture.
Since Cameron and I were up partying for most of Saturday night, we had a late start on Sunday. At my wit's end, I headed over to the dreaded BabiesRUs to buy a Swaddle Me Blanket (the equivalent of a baby straight jacket that is supposed to help with sleep). I don't see this as a frivolous purchase because sleep really is a necessity, and I wasn't about to wait until the end of the three month Buy No Crap challenge to see if this baby straight jacket would work. Baby Houdini here managed to get her arms out of it in record time, but she did sleep for about an hour in her bassinette. Since she usually needs to sleep next to me or on me to stay asleep, I count this as progress. We'll keep working on it.

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  1. The only swaddler that worked for our Houdini was The Miracle Blanket. Well worth the over-priced $30.