Thursday, June 19, 2008

The mad quilter.

It struck me that in all my blogging about stuff that I want that I don't have, I haven't done much blogging about being thankful for what I already have, which is a lot. So, I think I'll institute a weekly "What I'm Thankful For" post to remind me about how lucky I am.

So, who is this Mad Quilter I speak of? The Mad Quilter is my mom, Cameron's grandmother (the middle name Elizabeth is an homage to my mom and my great grandmother). My mom has many incredible attributes (she is wicked smart, incredibly kind, has a huge heart), but what I want to talk about today is her mad quilting skillz. She is far too modest in this respect, so someone has to sing her praises.
My home is a testament to her wonderful quilting. Over the years she has made me and Scott many quilts. Max has three quilts, and Cameron has two (so far). In fact, Cameron's nursery was decked out by my mom. All I did was purchase the rug, roman blinds and lamp from Pottery Barn Kids. My mom sewed two quilts (the one Cameron is laying on and the heart quilt on the wall), window valances, and a crib bed skirt. She also gave us the flowers/butterfly/hearts/letters for the wall. Lucky baby! If it weren't for my mom, Cameron's room would be very boring.

In addition to pretty quilts, my mom has ventured into more complex functional quilts. The latest quilt she made for Max is weighted with plastic pellets (the hope is that the weighted quilt will help him sleep better). Each block had to be made individually, with the pellets sewn in and separated into quarters to keep them from bunching up. The end result is a very snugly quilt which Max seems to like a lot. Fingers crossed that it helps him catch some more zzzzz's at daycare.

If you think these quilts are incredible, you should see the cat quilt that my mom is working on for my bedroom, and the big boy quilt she has planned for Max, and the big girl quilt she has planned for Cameron...seriously, when does this woman rest?

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  1. OMG! I just posted on how I wish I knew how to sew! I love your mom's quilting! :)