Sunday, June 29, 2008

Each Day Gets Easier.

I'm in week #3 of the Buy No Crap Challenge and things are going fairly well. Jennifer and I were chatting about it last week, and we both agree that after the initial jonesing to buy everything under the sun, it gets easier. Really, it does. I have found a way around the need to buy crap, and that is by focusing my purchasing on buying food. Healthy food at that. So, I still get my fix, and my family benefits. Good deal.

Since I haven't met up with the giver of gifts who has my stainless steel water bottles and messages have been left unreturned (tisk, tisk), I went ahead and used my once a month allowable purchase that Jennifer and I agreed on for buying some Klean Kanteens for me and Scott. I also got two BPA free Nalgene sippy cups for Max. I like that the water stays cool for a fairly lengthy period of time, and it tastes good. I have been trying to do a better job at staying hydrated, so it helps to have the bottle around while I'm breastfeeding. The only problem is that Max seems fascinated with it. While it took Scott showing me how the sport cap worked (he had been completely unscrewing the entire top all week), Max figured it out in about 5 seconds, dumping the contents onto the floor. Ah 2 year olds, can't live with him, can't sell them on ebay, and the gypsies won't take 'em.


  1. Okay, YOU may not be spending any money, but now I want to buy the whole family some Klean Kanteens! Aaagghhh! ;0)

  2. Anonymous10:57 a.m.

    I want to! It's pricey but worth it in the end. Do you guys use these? Are they good?

  3. We love 'em. Since I got one my water intake has increased 10 fold.

  4. Anonymous3:53 p.m.

    Well, I ordered a 27 oz. stainless one for Huz and I to share before biting the bullet and buying 3 of them (2 27 oz. ones and a 12 oz. sippy cup for Claire).

    Do you have colored ones? They are cooler looking bur more $ and I'm worried about the paint chipping. What has your experience been?

  5. We have the plain old boring non-coloured ones. I haven't actually seen the coloured ones in the stores yet.

  6. Hey Kat! This is great!! I found your weight-loss challenge blog very inspiring, and this one is almost even cooler :) (well, different at least) ... Please keep us all posted on how you rid your lives of Evil Plastic. Have you seen that "Toxic Garbage Island" documentary? It's all about how plastic doesn't break down, and it accumulates in the ocean and poisons the marine life ... yum.