Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cameron Elizabeth: 2 months old.

My dearest baby Cameron,

Little lady! You turned two months old yesterday and I am scratching my head, wondering where the time has gone. I want to press pause so that you can stay this size for a little while longer (you are growing really fast!). You are still in your size 1 diapers, but only until we finish this pack, then you will be moving up to size 2. You are no longer in your newborn clothes - you have been enjoying your stylish 3-6 month clothes for at least the past 2 weeks.

The past month you have become much more alert - you are my bright eyed little girl and you love to look around and make funny faces and smile at your dad and me. You also have lots of little sounds (ooo, ahh, goo) that make us listen up as you are typically pretty quite when you are cooing at us. Not that you are typically very quiet little doodle. No, no, not by a long shot. When you are hungry you go from volume level 0 to 11 in about two seconds flat. You don't give your poor old mom much warning that you are hungry at all, and little lady, you like to eat. A lot. I am taking you to your 2 month checkup tomorrow, so we'll see how much you have grown, but if your luscious thigh chubs are any indicator, I'd say you are likely in the twelve pound range. Your dad and I will have to place over-under bets before you get weighed.
Cameron, we seem to have worked out a pretty good system that allows me to at least shower and get dressed every day, which I am very appreciative of. You like your mobile a lot (it's like a baby plasma tv!) and you will sit and stare at it for about a half hour before you tire of it. It is one of the only times of the day that you will tolerate not being held and cuddled. Boy do you ever like your cuddles kiddo! I'm not sure I have ever met a baby that liked (in fact demanded!) to be cuddled as much as you. I am not one of those mean people who believe you can spoil a baby by cuddling her too much, so I keep you close to me by carrying you in your baby sling most of the time. We are also cosleeping and you looooooooooove this. When you are done eating in the middle of the night, you like to lift your head up and rest it on my booby. All night. Makes it a bit awkward for me, but I can understand that this is probably the softest pillow in all the land.
Okay, let's talk about your hair little lady. We are not sure what is going on. You were born with a full head of dark hair, and it seems to be falling out a bit around the front and growing in lighter. It is also very wavy and you get some awesome bed head. Whenever you meet someone new, it is guaranteed they will complement you on your hair. You also get complements on your big blue eyes (we're not sure what colour they will be yet - your dad thinks brown, I think blue or green). I think it is very sweet how much everyone loves little babies (especially baby girls). Who can blame them? You are very, very, sweet - especially when you are not in your car seat.

Ah, yes, the car seat. Still not your favourite place. I can't figure out if it is that you don't like being restricted by the straps, or you hate the car, or maybe it's just that you can't be cuddled when you are in there? But kid, we gotta work on this before our trip to visit your Aunt Jenny in Ottawa in August. Five hours is a long time to cry and I think I might just lose my mind somewhere around Kingston if you decide to go for gold. Your Grandma suggested I try visualizing that I am a screen door, and just letting the sound (namely your screaming) float through the screen door. This works when I only have to drive to pick your brother up a daycare but any longer than that and I am left praying you will fall asleep like the rest of the babies in the world.

Cameron, you are a beautiful little girl (and we tell you this daily). But, you also have an independent spirit and a sassy look about you that let me know you are going to be one heck of a wonderful woman when you grow up. You are not afraid to tell the world what you want (typically BOOBY or PICK ME UP NOW!) and that is an attribute I love to see in women. We celebrated your birthday yesterday by going to Home Depot and Organic Garage. I hope that as an adult you are able to strike a balance between embracing your inner-handy woman while also enjoying cooking healthy food the way your dad and I do.

You grow and change every day, I am looking forward to seeing what this next month brings (especially if that includes more sleep). The longest stretch you seem to go is between midnight and 4am...let's see if we can stretch that a bit more this month!


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