Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maxwell Hunter: 27 Months.

My dearest Maxilla,

Wow little dude - you are 27 months old today! I'm not sure where the time has gone - it has been a bit of a haze to tell you the truth. I can tell you that your dad and I love you so much and we think you are awesome. You have quite a personality and while you aren't talking yet, you still manage to make your desires known...LOUD and CLEAR.
When you want something to eat, you run to the kitchen table and pull out your chair, hop up into it and look at us expectantly. When you want the television turned on, you run up to it and smack the screen (your dad loves this...not really). When you want a drink, you have been known to go and open the fridge and get your sippy cup out. And the last few nights, when you want story time, you bolt up the stairs and vault into our bed.

This last development is new - I think what motivated this desire to be in mom and dad's bed is that you saw me sleeping there with your little sis Cameron a few days ago. Clearly you need to stake out your territory, which is fair enough. I'm guessing you don't recall the many nights you slept in our bed as a baby? Well, you did little buddy - lots.

I think that one of your favourite times of the day is story time. It is special Max and Mommy time. We have expanded your favourite book collection extensively in the last few weeks. Your favourite book used to be Eight Silly Monkeys, but now I think it is Ten In the Bed. You also like Brown Bear, The Wheels on the Bus, and you really really like Pajama Time. Your dad's speciality is Snuggle Puppy, but I leave that to him.

You get so excited when I read to you, it makes my day. You get up in the bed, snuggle under the covers and between the pillows and grab the first book you want me to read. You take turns in the stories and turn the pages, you giggle when we get to your favourite parts, and you like to choose which book we will read next.

Max, you are loved by all of your family and you are making such progress every day, it is fun to see what each new day will bring. In some ways you are still my baby, but in a lot of ways you are also turning into a boy, which, well, I guess I have to accept.


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