Thursday, July 10, 2008

Attempt #3: Buying Locally.

Even though I'm still feeling fairly rough around the edges, it being Thursday, I knew I had to get my act together and head down to the local Farmer's Market at Oakville Place. Cameron serenaded with me with level 11 wails the entire way there (thank gawd it is a short drive).

I learned a few things today (and any day I learn something new, I figure that's a good day).

#1: Peas do not naturally come from a can or in a bag already frozen.
Funny, in all my 33 years on this planet, I have never really thought about where peas come from. I mean, I didn't realize that they originate in a bumpy-green bean-esque pod (yes, now I know, that's where the "2 peas in a pod" saying comes from). The lovely mother-daughter team womaning the booth for Hillsview Greenhouses in Lucknow let me sample their peas (embarassingly enough I didn't even know how to spring the peas from their pods!). Yumm. So I bought some.

#2. Farmers are good people.
Seriously, in all my adventures of buying locally, I don't think I've met a bad one in the bunch. Every one of them has been friendly, encouraging, and happy to pass on tidbits of information on prepping, canning, cooking, washing, storing, and everything else that would be good to know about their fruits and vegetables. The only thing I will say is that bee keepers are a bit odd. But really, is that a surprise? I mean, they like to keep bees for a living.

#3. Plums are coming next week, Peaches the week after that.
Every week I get an update on what is coming next. It gives my taste buds something to look forward to. Also - I had no idea that peaches would be available until mid-September, and that the variety available is overwhelming.

So, what did I buy this week? I bought mushrooms from Blyleven Farms in Lowbanks, summer squash from Thames River Melons Farm in Innerkip, cherries from Jones Farm in Niagara, strawberries from Andrews Scenic Acres in Milton, and a whole lotta other veg from Hillsview Greenhouses in Lucknow.

Sadly, I have only read about five pages of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle this week. Between being sick and chasing babies, I have hardly had a spare moment, and in that spare moment I was washing and cutting vegetables, not reading. I'm sure Barbara would understand.

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