Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Roundup.

Max Update: The little guy is finally feeling better. Better in the sense that he is eating again and his poop is not longer so foul it would knock a buzzard of a sh!t wagon...he is still super tired. Doesn't help that he was up partying last night and didn't really nap today. There were many tears at bedtime, but he finally conked out (early, I might add).

Maria Update: Colour me surprised, they kept Tamara and let Kyla and Katie go. I have a bit of an inside source on this who is telling me that the producers are gunning for a Janna/Jayme finale. Given the great song/staging/costumes these two are getting and how Donna is being framed up as a bitch (which she isn't), I'm not going to disagree. Whoever thought these talent shows were fair though?

Weight Loss Update: I seem to be maxing out at losing a pound a week (so I'm down a whopping 2 pounds). I guess with the breastfeeding and lack of exercise, that is about as much as I can really expect. Scott has joined me and is doing great as well. It is always easier for guys to lose weight so I'm not going to be put off by his success. The good news is that we are both eating really well (yeah local produce!) and feeling pretty good considering neither of us are getting much sleep.

Buy No Crap Update: So far so good in July. My wish list is actually staying pretty lean. I am still owed a birthday present, so I may end up using that as my "buy" for the month...we'll see. I feel like I could use a few new items of clothing.

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  1. Being impoverished and all, I know what it's like to need some retail therapy and not have the dosh to go all hog wild. But I have a few ideas for you...

    1. When I am starving for a new book, I try a new library. Also a great field trip for wee ones.
    2. Value Village or Dollarama are da bomb. I loved giving a loonie or toonie to my wee lads and telling them to pick something out without feeling I was going to lose my house.
    3. There are fun freebie sites on the internet. You will find yourself on a lot of mailing lists, but sometimes the arrival of free hair dye can really make your day.
    4. Piggy banks, with the goal taped to it. Example - huge empty water bottle with "winter boots" taped to it. Very cool.
    5. Garage sales. It's prime time. Get out there and buy some crap!

    BTW, I'm very proud of your no crap rule.