Monday, July 21, 2008

I Hate Vista, I Hate PCs, I Hate Best Buy.

In the vein of "screw me once, shame on you - screw me twice, shame on me", let me state for the record that I will never, ever, buy a PC again. And, I will never, ever, buy a computer with a Microsoft operating system, and I most certainly will never, ever purchase said non-PC-non-Microsoft O/S from Best Buy.

"Ah, Fickle Feline, what has brought on this rant?" you ask? Let me tell you. My barely year old HP laptop's wireless adapter pooped out on me last week and I took it into Best Buy today to see about getting it fixed. You see, much to Scott's dismay, when I purchased my laptop last year, I also purchased the Best Buy three year warranty. I did this because in my opinion, laptops are a bit testy and certainly less reliable than desktops. And of course, when I was upsold to this extended warranty, I was assured of speedy service should any problems arise with my laptop.

Well, it turns out that "speedy service" is defined as 3-4 weeks. Yes, that's right, you read that correctly: THREE TO FOUR WEEKS. To pop a new wireless adaptor in!!! What are they doing? Slow-boating my laptop to China for the repair? Also, according to the guy in the very sporty Geek Squad golf shirt, they may have to reinstall windows for the repair. WHAT??? Since when do they need to reinstall Windows to install a new wireless adaptor? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!

So, a big fuck you to all PC makers in general, your products are garbage and you make them that way on purpose so we have to keep buying more of your shoddy shit, an even bigger fuck you to Microsoft and your shitty operating systems, and the ultimate FUCK YOU to Best Buy for your shitty customer service, your shitty warranties and your shitty, lame-ass repair services and snobby Geek Squad reps.

My next computer purchase will be a Mac, and I will buy it from the Mac store. I have yet to meet an unhappy Mac customer. As I said before, screw me once, shame on you - screw me twice, shame on me.


  1. While I am sorry for your unhappy experience, I am happy that I had an opportunity to read the resulting rant.

    It made me smile.

    And I agree.

    I'm pretty sure I also want my next computer to be a Mac....and i share your distaste for the Big Box electronic stores (Future Shop pisses me off just as much).

    Take the power back!

  2. Jason - glad my rant made you smile. It felt good to let the poison out ;-)