Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Laminated Card.

Gosh, who knew that blogging about one's sex dreams would get so many comments? If that's what the people want, that's what I'll give 'em! Apparently I will do almost anything for traffic.

Years ago (and I am likely dating myself here) there was an episode of Friends where Ross meets Isabella Rossellini and tells her that she is on his "laminated card". The laminated card has a list of five people, and the rule is, if you meet any of these people, you are allowed to sleep with them (assuming you can talk them into it).

This episode led to many discussions in my home. Scott and decided that five was too few people, and that ten would give us better odds of actually meeting one of these people. Another rule is that the people on the list cannot be friends, because, well, that's just to easy and could really lead to some problems. Being quite fickle, I have never committed to a list in writing. I just decided ad hoc who should be on the card and discard those that have for whatever reason lost their appeal (Marat Safin, I'm looking at you).

Last night I decided, it's time to commit. So, here is my list, in no particular order (ranking will require another post altogether).

Jon Stewart (it's a good thing we don't live in NYC)
Tim Daly (specifically on Private Practice)
Chris Garver (I may have to fight Jennifer in the street for him)
Seal (have you seen this man in leather pants?)
Justin Timberlake (you can shut up, he is fiiiiiiiiiiiiine)
Goran Visnjic (what will I when ER is done after this season?)
Hugh Laurie (for obvious reasons recently discovered)
Mekhi Phifer (I like a man in a uniform)
Christian Bale (The Dark Knight put him over the top)
Dominic Purcell (the beefy bro on Prison Break)

Honourable mentions go to Sam Roberts (specifically in the "Brother Down" video, and Matt Damon (specifically his shoulders in the Bourne movies).

Who is on your laminated card???


  1. 1. Ewan MacGregor.
    2. Ewan MacGregor.
    3. Ewan MacGregor.

  2. Oh damn....forgot about him.

  3. Interesting..I'm feeling pretty chaste and all lately being knocked up..but let me put some thought into it.

  4. Um... OK. I'm going out on a limb here and listing a full ten names. Wow, would my hubby ever freak if he knew this was on the InterWeb. Gulp. Here goes:

    1. Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy – need I say more?)
    2. Daniel Craig (most complex Bond ever)
    3. Aaron Eckhart (loved him in a little known movie called “Possession” because his character reminded me of a high school crush)
    4. Ben Affleck (only since marrying Jennifer Garner)
    5. Matt Damon (only as Jason Bourne)
    6. Matthew Macfayden (I love him from MI-5. Strangely, he also played Mr. Darcy in the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice. The BBC/Colin Firth version is decidedly better)
    7. Eric Dane (I so enjoy how much his Grey’s character relishes his man-whore status)
    8. Hugh Laurie (see my previous comments for explanation)
    9. Colin Farrell (because he’s foul mouthed and Irish. And this is a fantasy so it doesn’t matter that he’s really a dirty boy)
    10. Eric Bana (no clue why I say this. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a movie he’s been in. But I would anyway)

    Hmmm.... Not sure what this list says about me.

  5. Can boys play too or is this just for girls?

  6. Of course boys can play too!!

  7. This is interesting. The problem is (at least in my view), that there is a distinct lack of interesting hot women in hollywood. Not a ton of variety. Not so with the men, it seems.

    I need to give this some thought.

  8. Jason - Scott agrees. He told me that he would have to choose his from the "adult" industry. LOL.

  9. Yeah, my hubby once confessed that the only Hollywood star he thought was hot was Salma Hayak. Could he have found anyone who looks more different than me?! Yeesh!

  10. I feel you, Scott also likes her A LOT.

  11. I can only come up with five, I think.

    1. I wil indeed fight you for Chris Garver.
    2. I know Wentworth Miller is supposed gay, but he's worth putting on just in case.
    3. Jon Cusak.
    4. John Krasinski
    5. Edward Norton

    No musicians. My tastes are maturing, apparently! ;)

    Be home soon! xox J.

  12. In no particular order,
    Ami James, Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Matthew McConaughy, and Angelina Jolie (I don't play for the other team, but I'll add her anyway.) :) If you are in love with Garver, check out my blog: www.victoriasrighthip.typepad.com/

  13. OK, here are 5...

    1) Michelle Williams
    2) Neve Campbell
    3) Kate Winslet
    4) Kathleen Robertson
    5) Gwenyth Paltrow

  14. You can only think of 5? Come on! Live a little ;-)

  15. I can’t believe I forgot these two:

    Maura Tierney
    Lauren Graham

    Clearly I like mature women -:)

  16. OK, I really can’t believe I forgot this one - Rachel Ray!!!