Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up.

We had a busy weekend with a visit from my 13 month old nephew Zevi and his parents David and Haschmo. As always, they were a tonne of fun, and came laden with lovely food and gifts from Ithaca, NY. My favourite is the Apricot Wheat Beer and the Apricot stilton, followed closely by the chocolate cherry bread and Spicy Italian bagels from Collegetown Bagels. Yummmmmmy. I am not looking forward to stepping on the scale tomorrow (a big boo to that!).

Haschmo showed me how to make the garlic-parsley cream cheese we love so much (very easy), Scott went and got lox, and we had bagels and cream cheese with lox, tomatoes (local) and red onion for breakfast. Lots of coffee too. Devine. Haschmo also spoiled Cameron with more baby gifts - a pile of the nice light Circo sleepers, which are perfect for warm babies like Cameron and Zevi. I'm finding that as much as I love Carters, the sleepers are too warm for summer.

Saturday was a busy day chez Fickle Feline. We set up a sandbox for Max and Zevi (unfortunately it then proceeded to rain all weekend, so Max will have to try it out tomorrow if the weather holds up!). 300 pounds of sand, I might add - and Haschmo lugged all of it from the car to the backyard and loaded it into the sandbox for us. Now that's love, I tell ya! With all the rain, it kind of put a damper on our bbq plans, but Scott, good bbq citizen that he is, braved one of the fiercest rainstorms of the summer to grill up some food for us.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day for us. Once Zevi and his folks headed for home we had naps and watched some TV. It's hard on Max when the weather is foul as he gets a bit stir crazy. After his bath tonight he decided he would prefer stories in our bed (he ran into our room and climbed into our bed....very subtle). I decided to go with the flow, so we hung out in the big bed for a while and then much to his chagrin, I carried him back to his room once story time was done. Once I put Max to bed I watched the last four contenders compete for the Maria crown - I'll blog more on that tomorrow, let's just say I think Marisa is getting the shaft.

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