Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is that a wallet in your pocket?

I'm in week #2 of the Buy No Crap Challenge, and so far so good. My big win yesterday was not purchasing the In Style magazine staring longingly at me from the checkout stand at the grocery store. For some people the impulse buys are batteries and candybars - for me it is pretty girls in print.

After looking at my last Visa bill, I discovered that what kills me is the $20 purchases. They really add up fast and can have devastating effects at the end of the month. I decided that for any purchase that is $20 or less, I will pay with cash. Seems to sink in a bit more that way. Paying with plastic is just too easy, and makes it seem like said item is free. But it isn't - it really, really isn't. There's something about pulling cash out of my wallet that stings a bit. It seems to be keeping me honest about my spending, so I'm going to continue.

Jennifer (who has decided to join me for the next three months of this challenge) and I have been discussing a "good behaviour clause". The deal would be, each month, if you behave and don't cheat, you get to purchase something off your wish list (mine is in the top right column of this page). I was thinking I would like to buy a glass pitcher. I might take a look at Pier 1 as well - they have much prettier pitchers there (I like the blue Mexican glass). I have also been lusting after these terra cotta water purifiers for a long time now. I think that I may add a clause for a "bigger" purchase if I make it through the entire summer without caving. We'll see...might be a bit much. Perhaps if I add a bonus month on at the end? I guess we'll just have to see!

In kid news: Cameron decided that the middle of the night partying could take a rest last night and decided to only wake up to eat. Then it was back to sleep (blessed angel!). Max on the other hand had a very hard time getting to bed last night (after six nights of doing great). Poor little guy was very sad, so dad went in to hang out with him until he calmed down. It seemed to do the trick, and Max finally went to sleep about two hours past his bedtime. I am guessing he'll be a bit testy at daycare today!

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