Saturday, February 28, 2009

School on a Saturday.

Brunch is my favourite meal. It has the best parts of breakfast and the best parts of lunch, and since you are combining two meals into one, you get to eat lots. It's even better if you get someone else to cook it for you (a rarity for me).

I had the pleasure of dining at School Bakery & Café this morning with my oldest friend Elizabeth and her mom Carol. Oh yeah, and Cameron joined us as well. It should be noted that she slept right up until the moment the food was served (nice going, kid). Elizabeth's hubby, Scott (the ninja chef in the picture below), is a chef at School Bakery & Cafe. He is also a fabulous Chocolatier and the man behind Rousseau Confections. If you love chocolate and you live in the Toronto area, you need to sample his wares. I am a frequent customer (and not just because we are friends). But back to School. I had been looking forward to this meal all week. I had been promised greatness, and I was not disappointed. It was tough to choose just one dish off the menu. Since Scott is the "egg man" I new I had to order an omelet.

I decided on the Potato-Sausage Omelet: Elizabeth had the Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes that she had been dreaming about all week: Carol had the Gooey Four Cheese Omelet Soufflé:It was all I could do not to reach over with my fork and stab a piece of each of their meals for myself. I offered Cameron some of my sweet potatoes, but she preferred to stick to her cheerios. I think more of the toasted-o's ended up under the table than in her mouth. I have turned into the scatterbrained mom in the restaurant with messy kids that I loathed when I waited tables in college.

The meal tasted as good, if not better, than it looked. The coffee (Illy - my fav) was hot and brewed to perfection. The staff is super friendly and on top of their game. The décor (as you can see from the pictures) is a lot of fun. The prices are completely reasonable. The only shame was that I don't have a bigger stomach, because the Cinnamon Roll French Toast was calling out to me with its sticky siren song.

Alas, Cameron, after visiting with Elizabeth and Carol, was ready to go before I was ready to eat again, so we headed out. I owe Elizabeth a breakfast so I guess I'll have to go back again (yes, twist my rubber arm). Next time I'll bring my Scott.


  1. Yum. Looking at those pictures was akin to looking at porn to a man I think. Kind of like that pizza you had in Chicago or New York or wherever last year..That was like a centrefold to a

  2. Speaking of my diet...yikes! Lol, gotta get my act together.