Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Week 2 (aka "I Need a Do-Over").

I stepped on the scale this week thinking "this isn't going to go well". I was correct. Not only did I not lose any weight this week, I GAINED a half a pound. Though I'm sure we can all agree that this could be "water" weight right? And denial is a river in Egypt... snicker. Actually, it really isn't a laughing matter. My tush isn't getting any smaller and my work clothes aren't getting any bigger and I have zero money to buy new clothes for my return to work, so I need to get motivated here.

The only thing I can think of that will help me kick this weight loss into gear is if I tell everyone how much I weigh. Again. Once it is out there for general consumption, I will be forced to report back and if that number doesn't get lower every week, I will be embarrassed. There's nothing like everyone you know in the world, and many you don't, knowing exactly what the number on the scale says. So, here it is: 170.8 lbs.

I have lost about ten pounds since Christmas, so it isn't like I've been doing nothing. This past week was particularly stressful with Max having a trip to the ER due to a lung infection, a meeting with my MPP, and wondering if I had managed to muster up enough of a grassroots movement to get myself to Chicago. But enough with the excuses. Excuses don't keep you warm at night (whatever that means).

This week I need to:
- start eating oatmeal again for breakfast (I find this keeps my blood sugar in check and is a good way to start the day)
- drink more water
- go for a walk every day
- get off the sugar train
- eat no carbs after 5pm (hard!)
- menu plan so I don't get stuck eating whatever we happen to have in the fridge

I promise I'll report back next week and I will be out of the 170's. Book it. I'm going to look like that sexy, fit lady in the picture by May 1st 2009!


  1. Anonymous11:02 a.m.

    You can totally do it! I still have a copy of all your menus from the weight-loss challenge a while back ... that was some good stuff!
    Anyway, we were all cheering for you for the BlogHer contest, and we'll be cheering you on for this too!

  2. Do not despair! You can do this just as well as the other accomplishments you have had this month. I haven't moved an inch except to drink MORE beer and eat pizza this week! What else was I to do on Trivia Night? So my official strategy begins on March 1! Wanna Race???

  3. Raye - you're on :-) Are you going to blog about it?

  4. Anonymous1:20 p.m.

    Ugh, probably one of my five least favourite pictures of me, ever. "Hey everyone! Get a load of my ginormous, shiny fivehead!"


  5. Yeah, but I look good.

  6. Anonymous4:41 p.m.

    You'll rock this, Kat! I will soon be on the weight loss journey again, and look forward to reading here for inspiration.:-)