Thursday, February 19, 2009

Casey Carlson: When Pretty Young Things Can't Sing.

I'm a little late to the party this week, so instead of writing a whole rundown, I'm just going to write about everyone's favourite pretty young thing, Casey Carlson. Oy. Where do I begin?

Before you go thinking I'm hating on Casey Carlson because she is young, gorgeous, has the figure of a bikini model...(wait, she is a bikini model!), men of all ages salivate when they see her, she could be Mandy Moore's little sister, and she is just about as perky as can be, that is NOT why I am hating on her. I am actually dissing her because I am incredibly disappointed.

As Kara DioGuardi (who I love) aptly pointed out, Casey has the whole package. And while she isn't a fantastic singer, she can actually carry a tune in a bucket. She may not be the future Whitney Houston, but she could give Miley, Taylor, and Demi a run for their money. That is, if she had only picked the right song. Instead she picked the Police song "Every Little Thing She Has Is Magic". That's right up there with trying to sing Stevie Wonder, it just isn't done. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the producers of American Idol let her sing it. You'd think they'd want to keep her in the competition, for ratings if nothing else.

And the faces - my gawd! She looked like a show choir singer starring in an adult film. Looking at her, you'd think she'd be able to move, but nope, failing grade there as well. Jerky, awkward, and even squatting at points! And the winking, oh the winking. Could it get any worse? I guess we'll find out in a few weeks - I fully expect to see her in the wild card show, with a MUCH better song, hand picked by the producers. Book it, you heard it here first.

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  1. I know ... I'm not an Idol fan but she was AWKWARD!!

  2. Can they fix her in time for wild card week??

  3. Anonymous5:35 a.m.

    I doubt she'll be back.

    The wildcard is only a one-hour show, so the exec. producer said they'll probably only bring back about eight people max, mayble less.

    They're definitely calling back Anoop because he was the next highest votegetter, possibly Ricky (Paula mentioned on some talkshow that he's one of her faves), along with two other highest votegetters from Groups 2 and that leaves room for only several more.

    They still have people like Adam, Matt Giraud, Von Smith, Nick/Normund, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Kendall Beard, etc. who they want in the top 12. With the new format, all of them can't make it, so I'm sure they will get the coveted wildcard spots before others.

  4. Good points! I guess it will depend on how many of the people you mention get voted into the top 12 on their own. So far it seems that the contestants that were heavily featured in the auditions prior to the final 36 are the ones getting the votes. I'm really hoping Anoop gets into the top 12! Nick/Normund needs to go home.