Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Skyline Looks Like Crooked Teeth.

Sleep did not come easily last night. It wasn't because Cameron was up every few hours due to the fact that tooth #4 is burrowing its way down through her gums. I didn't sleep because I am going to the dentist today.

To say I loathe going to the dentist would do a disservice to the anxiety and dread I feel as I count down the days until my next appointment. I am actually embarrassed at how long it has been since I have visited my dentist. Too long, we'll leave it at that. This won't help matters when I go for my cleaning today, and endure the poking and scraping and comments about me needing to floss more. Also, my favourite (meaning least despised) hygienist, who has the softest touch in the world, is not available. Since I don't have a lot of options for when I can go, I had to settle for whoever was free. We'll see how she reacts when I start our appointment by letting her know that I had a nightmare about coming and to not be surprised if I actually hit the ceiling at least twice during my cleaning. Yes, I am a charming client.

Apparently I am not alone in my dislike for the dentist. It must be hard to have a job where very few people are happy to see you. Maybe that's why they seem to take such joy in torturing their patients. Do you hate going to the dentist? Please tell me I'm not alone. And wish my dental hygienist luck!


  1. Anonymous2:46 p.m.

    I hope it went well - or that you received medication that made it seem like it went well.


  2. Two words... Sedation Dentistry.
    You are anxiety free while in the chair - and a flush of pure oxygen in your system clears the sedative out of your system before you leave the office.

  3. Hmmmm...I'll have to look into that. I survived the appointment, and theoretically, I have an appointment in September ;-)

  4. I much prefer a dentist appointment to a gynecologist appointment. Although my dentist is named Dr. Vasiga, so sometimes I want to call him Dr. Vagina.

  5. How do you stop yourself? I would find it impossible!

  6. Anonymous2:02 p.m.

    Um yeah, HATE the dentist too! I have found the nicest hygienist though which does help! I go next week, as does my 4 year old daughter (she is TERRIFIED of the dentist). Wish us luck!