Tuesday, December 21, 2010

girl's first movie date.

Pardon the lapse in daily posts - it has been sick central here (good thing I took a week of vacation pre-Christmas to get all that holiday stuff done, eh?). Sadly, the tree skirts have fallen by the wayside, destined for 2011 delivery. I did get one completed, but forgot to photograph it before shipping it out to British Columbia!

We seemed to get a day of sick respite on Sunday, so I took Cameron to her first movie in an actual theatre. We saw the new Disney flick "Tangled" with The Party Mama and her daughter Emma. I shot a bit of video prior to the movie to prove that Cam did actually sit in her seat (for approximately 8 seconds). Then she spent the rest of the movie running around in front of the screen. Next time I think we'll just sit in the front row so I don't have to spend the entire movie standing at the side of the theatre searching for her in the dark.


  1. Anonymous10:25 p.m.

    No one under 6 years old has any business at a movie theatre. What's the point of bringing a child who can't even articulate or understand whats going on at even the most basic level? Pet Peve!

  2. That's cool. My "Pet Peve!" is folks who come by and leave crappy comments under the guise of "Anonymous".

    It's a KIDS movie. Sheesh. It isn't like I brought her to watch Black Swan. Also, have you met Cam? She totally understands Fermat's Enigma, let alone a Disney movie plot. Have a heart, chill out, stay out of children's movies and enjoy the lump of coal in your stocking.

  3. My daughter went and saw that yesterday for her 21st birthday. She will always be my Disney princess.