Monday, December 06, 2010

sugar sugar. honey honey.

I have never completely bought into the whole sugar makes your kids bounce off the walls business.  Ahem.  My delusions have now been cleared up.  Sugar not only makes your kids bounce off the walls, it makes them fly. (The only reason I caught this picture is that my new Nikon d3100 kicks some serious ass.)
super girl!
On Saturday, our friends Jen and Brad's little baby Maya turned 5. Remember baby Maya? Seems like yesterday that she was spending her days with Max and me when Jen went back to work before baby #2 (aka Hannah).
Max & Maya sitting in a tree (or a wagon).
Well, baby Maya is all grown up now.  Where does the time go?
Speaking of baby #2 - there she is - baby Hannah.  Also no longer a baby.
I do believe this was Hannah's only smile all day.
Cam thought the leather couches were just as good as the monster indoor jungle gym at Lil' Monkeys.
Because having cake for lunch wasn't quite enough sugar, we followed up the birthday party with a Christmas cake decorating party thrown by MollyCake.  Here I am laughing at how completely ridiculous and out of my mind I was booking us into back to back parties, as Cam attempts to remain conscious as she slips into a sugar stupor.  Good news is we lived to tell about it.  No more sugar until Christmas!!

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