Wednesday, December 08, 2010

how to make the perfect christmas stocking (for me).

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is making Christmas stockings for my family. And by making, I mean filling. Note: I also physically made all of their stockings (name embroidered on them and the whole nine), but that’s another post entirely. I have 5 stockings to fill – Scott, Scott’s folks, and Max and Cam. Sometimes I even do my mom’s on behalf of my dad and ship the contents across Canada for him. I start picking items up for each stocking as early as September. Each stocking is individualized to that person’s likes (and allergies). I do consider it an art form, yes.

Not everyone enjoys preparing Christmas stockings as much as I do. This is understandable as I seem to have a more than a normal allotment of holiday cheer.  I was imagining what I would put into my stocking if I were responsible for it (which really wouldn’t be much fun, but man it would be an aces-ten stocking!). Hey, if Oprah can do a favourite things list, I figure I’m entitled to as well (and mine, while not cheap, does not inspire throngs of blood thirsty women to scream like hyenas and grasp their vaginas in greedy excitement). 

Top ten things to put in a (my) Christmas Stocking:

Rescue Remedysince I have given up my morning shot of grand marnier in my Christmas coffee, I will likely need this
Tazo Calm Teasee above
Tea Ball
Lexar 4G memory card
The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Inspirationals
Body Shop Shea Body Butter
Burts Bees lip balm
Tuscan Farm Gardens Lavender Milk Bath
Frou Frou cd
Winter Issue of Quilts & More magazine

I know I have fairly high expectations for my stocking, and it would be much easier if I liked getting a bunch of chocolate and candy, but hey, "aim high" I say.  What do you like to get in your Christmas stocking?


  1. Caroline6:41 p.m.

    - a good book (I know, but my feet ARE really big!
    - a Terry's chocolate orange (dark chocolate) that I don't have to share
    - some of those delicious tiny tangerines
    - Burt's bees tinted lip balm (not copying, I've always loved it)
    - some nice gel pens
    - some new underwear

  2. I have been known to put underwear in Scott's stocking (he likes the American Apparel briefs). Also, I am a firm believer that if a stocking is not overflowing and jammed with stuff, there is not enough in it.

  3. hi! happy holidays. thanks for including all of my stockings in your post. you can find them at

    be well.