Wednesday, December 01, 2010

the honey badger strikes again.

When Cameron is sweet, she is the absolute sweetest little girl you ever did meet. Really and truly – sugar and spice and everything nice, rot your teeth sweet. But, she can also throw a king-hell-tantrum that would put any tantrum you have ever witnessed to shame. I’m not kidding – even Max (who I thought had the market cornered on meltdowns) stands back and looks impressed. As her screaming escalates, that look becomes incredulous, followed by concerned, and finally he turns to me as if to say “can you make her stop mom, this shit is getting old!”.

This week, for whatever reason, 2 out of 3 mornings Cameron has decided to have a tantrum just as we are attempting to leave the house. Shoes and socks go flying, she attempts to pinch and scratch anyone within reach, and she basically behaves like a little beast. It’s a lot of fun (right up there with a kick in the face). Since she recently moved up to the preschool room at daycare, her new teachers are not yet accustomed to Cameron “the honey badger” Carefoot. On Monday, as I unceremoniously dumped a screaming Cameron on the carpet and placed her shoes and socks next to her, the head teacher asked me “why is she upset?” I looked at her, paused and replied “because she is 2, and 2 year olds get upset sometimes. Let her work it out – she’ll be fine in 5 minutes, I promise”.

Rinse, repeat – today, same scenario. Again, the head teacher asked me “why is she upset?” I told her “she didn’t want to come here today. And she’s 2.” That wasn’t a good enough answer, so I was asked again “no, but why is she upset? They know why they are upset”. Sweet jesus on a trampoline. “Oh yeah – she didn’t want us to brush her teeth. And she’s 2”. I turned and left. As I walked to my car I got super pissed. This teacher works with 2 YEAR OLDS. She of all people should know that sometimes they just behave like little jerks and throw tantrums as a way of expressing their general displeasure with our economy, healthcare system, and lack of adequate public transit. I decided to speak with the daycare director, who is really awesome, so I figured she would at least humour me.

I poked my head in her office and asked her if she had a minute, and then gave her a run down of the situation. My basic request was that the teacher not look at me like I am the worse parent in the world, and that it probably didn’t help Cam calm down if her pacifier was unceremoniously ripped out of her mouth the moment she entered the classroom (no soo-soo rule in preschool). Also, the same question, every day was bordering on ridiculous and also I have a kid with Autism sitting in my car, and I really don’t need this. My point – Cameron is a penniless dwarf with zero control of her life – of course she is going to throw the odd tantrum to attempt to exert some control over her wee universe. That is why. The director said she would address it, and that she would ensure I no longer get looked at like I’m a dirtbag mom and asked why my 2 year old is acting like a 2 year old. Though I fully expect that from now on I will be flipped the bird as I exit. I’m okay with that. As long as they don’t teach Cameron how to do it.


  1. Don't take for granted that people who work with little children know anything about them. It is a common plague in the early childhood education field.

    Its a cheap qualification and easy to get. You get hired very quickly and kids are very forgiving generally.

    There are some wonderful ECE people out there, but I have noticed some people in this area have no business being around kids (even though they have their own at home!)

  2. Overall I really like the teachers at this daycare - they have been terrific with both Max and Cam. Just this new one...not so sure about her! Cam will whip her into shape.

  3. NicoleM1:33 p.m.

    Kids are funny. Natalie hardly ever throws tantrums at the daycare. She saves all that sweetness for home.

    Every day I would get the lowdown on what trouble Jacob had gotten into and then I was told how wonderful and perfect Natalie was. This was confounding to me since Jacob was usually an angel at home and Natalie turned into a screaming angry diva mess as soon as she left the daycare.

    I've since solved the mystery around Jacob. He has ADD and his symptoms flare up in groups. But Natalie... I'm not sure why only her family gets to enjoy her Mr Hyde side but I like to believe it's because she's held it together all day and when I arrive to pick her up she releases all that tension from being "good" and lets the ugly hang out.

  4. Because two year olds are completely rational creatures :P Good grief! We are in the throes of 'two' here too. They're like mini tweens - emotion barf everywhere! Hoping for some tear-free mornings soon :)

  5. Caroline5:43 p.m.

    sounds like new daycare teacher has a deep-seated need to "prove" herself as that wonderful, caring individual who TRULY understands the kids better than anyone else, even their parents. Ignore her

  6. Just tell the teacher, "Cameron takes after her Mommy! She's a Viking...!" And, there you go Katrina cause you were exactly the same at her age! Lovingly, your Aunt

  7. Anonymous11:16 a.m.

    My daughter used to have some good tantrums. Someone once asked me, possibly thinking I would find it humourous, "why is she being such a bitch?" My answer of course was, "she's 3, what's your F'n excuse?".