Saturday, April 30, 2011

birthday girls.

Today is my birthday. It is also my daughter Cameron's birthday. She's three, and I'm a lot (lot) older than her. In fact, when she asked me how old I was and I told her, she looked at me like "whoa, I can't even count that high, are you for real?".  Add to that, I'm fairly certain that she thinks all little girls are born on their mom's birthday and all little boys are born on their dad's birthday.

It seems like both yesterday and a decade ago that she was born. She is truly the best birthday present I have ever received (though the new Nikon 55-300 zoom lens I got this year from my family comes pretty close (I kid, I kid).  I took this photo of Cameron with it.  I was standing on our back deck and she was at the end of the backyard none the wiser.

We kept things fairly low key today (we are still recovering from birthdaypalooza).  Since I wasn't allowed to bring Cameron's daycare class cupcakes (even though the cupcake bakery is nut free!) we went on a birthday girl cupcake outing this afternoon. I think I'm going to start a tradition of just the birthday girls doing something special when April 30th rolls around. Maybe next year we'll do a spa day or something (start 'em young I say).

Happy Birthday Cammie! You are the best little girl a mommy could ask for!

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  1. wow wonderful photo I love it, it seems a bit confused, but the girl has a lovely face, thanks for sharing and happy birthday to everyone...