Monday, April 25, 2011

photo essay: easter/birthdaypalooza weekend - part 2.

Birthdaypalooza took place this past Saturday (Max and Scott's birthday). Check out this kick ass cake our friend made for the party!
The favourite gift by far was the teeter totter my folks bought the kids.  I assembled it myself (thank you P90X!).  I should point out that I came outside and the kids had gotten on the teeter totter all by themselves.  Max understood that he was the one who had to push off and keep the momentum going too.
Cam was pretty thrilled when her uncle Chris showed up.  Aunt Lulu couldn't make it because she was off partying in Barcelona.

Brad and Jen chilled out with some adult pops.

Maya and Hannah took a turn on the teeter totter.
Jen helped Maddox in the sandbox.

Cam was so excited about the party that she passed out before we cut the cake.

Max was very interested in the lighting of the candles. I think he just wanted to be certain he would get the first piece.
Cam got the honours of blowing the candles out. (Max headed for the hills when the singing started.)

I felt a little weird cutting such a beautiful cake! Cameron wanted me to give her both Dora and Diego to eat. Didn't happen.

Cam dug in, with a beer to wash it down.  Kidding, the beer was for Max.

Maddox was all about it.  No idea where those vegetables came from.

Post cake, Cam and Max mixed it up with the balloons while the rest of us sat back and observed, waiting for the sugar crash.
All in all, it was a terrific day. Max had a really good time (much better than in previous years), Cameron was quite pleased with all of the people who came out (though for some reason, not everyone was caught on camera). Day 2 of easter/birthdaypalooza weekend was a success!

Tomorrow - The All About Pets Show and Max's cheque presentation for his Service Dog!


  1. that cake looks so yummy & cute!! Such a sweet photo of Cam asleep in the chair :-) glad all went well!

    April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

  2. Nice nice thanks for share, I love kids, my daughter always want to make parties in the house she almost all the weekends invite friends to sleep to the house.

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