Wednesday, April 20, 2011

birthdaypalooza 2011 prep.

Something you may not know about my family, is we have a very special birthday celebration every year called "Birthdaypalooza".  Birthdaypalooza is a party for me, Scott, Max, and Cameron, all rolled into one.  You see, Max was born on Scott's birthday back in April 2006. Two years and one week later, Cameron was born on my birthday.  No c-sections, just a sprinkle of fate and a smile from the universe.  People are always shocked when I tell them about our special bond (and I enjoy watching their reactions).
This year is an especially big deal because for the first time, we have a kid who is excited about a birthday party.  Max has never expressed one bit of interest in his birthday.  Cam is a whole different story.  She has been talking about her birthday for weeks (note, she does not care that it also Max's, Scott's and my birthday as well).  In fact, I'm guessing she thinks it's normal to have the same birthday as your mom.  She wants lots of balloons! and chairs! (I don't fully understand the excitement about chairs.)  And the cake, my goodness, the cake.

A few weeks ago Nana and Cam made a cake together.  Ever since, Cam has been asking when would I make a cake with her.  I was hoping she'd drop it, but of course she didn't.  Cam thought we should not only make a cake, but it should be a birthday cake with candles and we should sing "Happy Birthday" to her.  As you can see, I finally caved - here's the video to prove it.


  1. What a great video! Happy Birthday to you in advance, Max, Cameron, Mommy and Daddy!

  2. thanks Scribe! They are fun kids.