Tuesday, July 19, 2011

travel tuesday: 10 tips for taking an autistic child's passport photo.

1. Select a photo studio that is relatively calm (not in the middle of a big box store).

2. If possible, call ahead and make an appointment. Make sure you explain the situation so they understand that it make take some extra time and patience to get the photo taken.

3. Give yourself a lot of time to get it done. Rushing to submit passport photos that are needed to take a trip on short notice puts unnecessary stress on you and your child.

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  1. These are great tips. Getting a passport photo of an autistic child will not be very easy. That kid in the picture looks very cute!

  2. Symptoms of autism can occur anytime. These will change the child's mood and all. It is indeed very important to plan ahead of time and anticipate possibilities to prevent delays of tasks. These tips are indeed very useful in managing children with autism during a photo shoot.

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