Wednesday, July 06, 2011

open up your heart and let go of the expectations, but hold onto your dreams.

Something that I have been thinking a lot about lately is the idea of "letting go". I spend a lot of time worrying about things I cannot control. It is exhausting and stressful and it eats away at my happiness. What if I could let go of all of those expectations and just take joy in whatever good things that happen? Perhaps if I ask for less, I will be happier with what comes my way.

It is, after all, the ability to see the little things that make a life truly joyful.

Cammie's smile as she swings at the park, wind in her face.
Max being greeted by two girls at daycare who want to play with him.
The feeling of satisfaction after installing a new pull-up bar.
Picking up fruits and vegetables at the local farmer's market.

When we free ourselves from expectations, we also lift the heavy veil of disappointment and sadness that falls on us when things don't go as we had hoped. It is incredibly liberating. As I work to seek out these glimpses of joy in every day, I find I worry less. I still dream big, but I have realized that a dream is really just a thought that should bring a smile to your face.


  1. My mom needs to read this post. I dont think she knows what the term 'letting go' is.

  2. A lot of people need to read this post ;-)

  3. Anonymous12:52 p.m.

    Your post made me think of Pema Chodron's book "When Things Fall Apart". Highly recommend it!

  4. Anonymous3:18 p.m.

    I love your blog! My son was diagnosed with autism 2 years ago, it's a long and scary journey. Letting go of what might have been is a daily struggle for me, one I find is getting a little easier each day.

  5. Anonymous10:53 p.m.

    that was absolutely beautiful ! so true! i hope and pray i can let go and live by this! thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing!
    Julia J

  6. Finding happiness in the little things today meant sitting in my backyard with my first coffee of the week. I was in love.