Saturday, July 02, 2011

canada day reloaded.

We spent yesterday afternoon chilling out at Nana and Bumpa's, enjoying their pool.
We wanted to get some photos of what will be our last Canada Day at Nana and Bumpa's house (they are moving to a new house in the spring).
Cam is a natural water baby. She gets that from me.
We're trying to teach Cam how to kick her feet in the water. All she wants to do is have us carry her around.
Seriously, this girl is so cute I could eat her up.
Max loves running laps around the pool. We keep a very close eye on him.
Each lap consist of a trip around the pool and then around the perimeter of the backyard.
We let him have his fun because he seems to enjoy himself so much (plus it tires him out).
Eventually he ends up in the pool, and then it is hard to get him out! Though, pleasant surprise, both kids were quite co-operative yesterday with transitioning out of the pool. 
Max has to have a dry set of shorts to change into immediately after getting out of the pool because he hates being in wet clothes (me too).

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