Saturday, July 30, 2011

be the water.

My friend Shelagh's note simply read "be the water and not the rock in the stream of life. Let things unfold as the universe intends them for you". I thought on this for a moment and stretched this thought into "Be the water, not the rock. water has the flexibility to change direction; a rock stays in one place and gets worn out".

be the water

So simple, and so perfect. And as if this thought was not gift enough today, it also happened that Shelagh was able to come and spend time with me this afternoon. We had many heart moments and connected in a way that made me feel both loved and at peace at the same time. Go with the flow, don't get stuck, be responsible for your energy, you can change the trajectory of someone's day with your smile.

be the water 

So often I need to be "the rock" that people count on, the stable force. But perhaps the water is just as powerful. When we picture rocks we think of being solid, steady, and strong. Water is all of those things but also flexible, peaceful, and constant. Something to think on for sure.

be the water

Let go of relationships that have moved on from this earth, release those who no longer have need of you. Trust that the pockets of air created by their absences will fill in slowly, at first as a trickle and then as a steady stream as the water pours in to fill the voids.

Be the water.

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  1. Oh Kat ... so perfectly and eloquently captured. I was feeling a little eroded tonight ... like the "rock" in the stream of life (A reminder perhaps that I'm still not being the water!!) until I read your last paragraph ... empowering.. thought provoking.. perfect. Thank you for a wonderful day and a much needed reminder. ;) xo