Friday, August 19, 2011

2 year anniversary of max starting to talk.

Two years ago tomorrow, Max started talking. Up until that point, I really wasn't 100% convinced it would happen. I hoped and prayed that I would one day hear my son say "Mama" in his sweet little voice. On August 20, 2009, he did just that. I remember calling Scott on my way home and putting the phone up to Max's face so that Scott could hear him talk. Scott told me later that he sat and cried tears of relief at his computer after hearing Max say "Dada". It was a big day.

So we celebrate. We celebrate this milestone because it is important to remember how far Max has come. It is so important to stay positive and truly rejoice in Max's progress. This video was shot this morning. Max doesn't like having his picture taken so he did his best to avoid looking at the camera. It's still mind blowing though. Max - you are a rock star! Kim, you promised me he would talk, and check out our little guy now!

August 2010: One year anniversary of Max talking
August 2009: Yay!! Max is talking!

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