Wednesday, August 24, 2011

90 day challenge update: week one (girl math).

Ladies, please tell me I am not alone here. Unfortunately for me, my first week weigh in lined up perfectly with my PMSing. Drum roll please...I lost 2 pounds my first week! I'm confident I actually lost about 5 pounds, but it isn't showing up on the scale because I am about as bloated as a beached whale (they're bloated right?).

The good news is, the other symptoms of PMS are not so bad this month (break outs, crankiness, feeling run down). In fact, aside from the usual monthly water weight, I'm feeling a-ok. I'm combating the water retention by drinking a tonne of water (which I've always found to be kind of a weird solution, but whatever). I continue to feel very even-keeled and my anxiety has been almost non-existent. When I have felt the stirrings of it in the pit of my stomach I am able to calm myself with some positive self-talk instead of previous go-to solutions (like, say, a glass of wine, which doesn't really work so well in the Tim Horton's drive thru when the guy behind me gets out and yells at the lady in front of me for butting into the line). Instead of freaking out I paid for the angry guy's order and asked the lady at the drive thru window to tell him I hoped his day got better. Paying it forward, you know.

This week I'm going to kick it up a notch and get my ass in gear. I didn't do much exercise this week and I know once I get moving the weight will too! Also, my mom has decided to join me on my 90 day challenge, which is super motivating.


Exercise: P90X workout

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