Friday, August 26, 2011

max update: 2 steps forward.

Something that I have learned on this journey with Max is that progress comes at the most unexpected times. Sometimes it is so small that you almost miss it, so it's important to be observant and appreciative of these little moments of heaven on earth. Yesterday afternoon, Max adamantly informed me "I want a scone!". Of course, we had none, so I replied "Okay, let's go to the store. Get your shoes on". My usual method of wrangling Max and Cam is to put them in our wagon and pull them, but my shoulder has been super sore so this wan't an option. I told them "You both have to hold my hands, okay?. I waited for the objections, but there were none. We headed over to the local bakery (a 5 minute walk), me with one kid on each arm. This would not have happened a month ago.
There was no objecting, flopping, or trying to bolt. When we got to the bakery both kids waited calmly for me to buy their scones. I decided to push my luck and drop into the grocery store for some milk. They were fine with that. I started to wonder whose kids these were and where had my kids gone? We walked home and I breathed a huge sigh of relief and gave the kids big ups for doing such a great job and cooperating. They acted like it was no big thing and went out back to play. Cam quickly got bored and decided she wanted to come in. At this point, Max got really upset and I asked Cam "Why is Max so sad?" to which she replied "He wants me to stay outside and play with him". I said "Then get back out there and play!". Usually Max prefers to be by himself in the backyard, so this was HUGE. He actually wanted Cam to stay outside so that he could interact with her.
In all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is so easy to lose sight of progress as it inches along. Sometimes a close up view of the big picture is just what we need.

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