Friday, June 05, 2009

2 Days And Counting.

The Walk For Autism is 2 days away and I am getting really excited. Really! Excited! Today I went and picked up the Team Maxwell t-shirts from Come Get Customized on Yonge Street. I wasn't sure how they would look as I handled the whole transaction over the phone and through email. Joe, the owner, had promised me the shirts would look good - I figured he was the expert and I left it at that.

As you can see from the photo of me and Joe, the shirts look terrific. When Joe found out that we were walking for Max, he did us a solid and printed the shirts at cost, which really helped us out. I've never had t-shirts printed before, so I had no idea how expensive full-colour can be if you have to pay full price. I think that next year I'll go with a one colour design. I love this design though (how could I not? It's my beautiful Max), and I really wanted to see it in full colour. Christopherr Mendoza from DesignMojo designed them for us - we are very fortunate to have such talented and generous friends. As you can see, the kids are very excited about the Walk too!
I'm going to fashion a dress out of a youth small for Cameron. I think if I get some blue ribbons I can make it look cute. Team Maxwell is 15 people strong so far - I think we'll make quite an impression in our fabulous t-shirts. If you would like to join us, there is still time! Just email me with your t-shirt size, and I'll share the meetup deets with you.

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