Thursday, June 04, 2009

TMI Thursday: I Get to See a Va-jay-jay (Besides My Own).

A few months ago, I wrote about how I wanted to see someone's va-jay-jay. Now before you get all up in arms thinking I'm a horrible pervert, go read the post. Yes, the title is titillating (snicker…), but really, all I want is to see one of my friends give birth.

Well, it looks like I might actually have a taker! If all goes according to plan, I will be in attendance when my friend Jennifer (aka Maya and Hannah's mom) gives birth to baby #3 (a boy!). My specific role will be to shoot the whole event on video (I KNOW! How awesome is that?). The one caveat? Jen says I'm not allowed to post the va-jay-jay footage on the internet. Geez…I know I have a rep as an over-sharer, but even I know where to draw the line. Note to self, find out if I can share the part in the whirlpool or epidural...kidding.

Not everyone is as into the whole child birth experience as I am. When I mentioned that I would be at the hospital, in the labour room, to a coworker, she was absolutely horrified and commented that she would never in a million years want to do that! She didn't even let her husband leave her shoulder when she had her baby. I figure life is messy. It starts that way and it ends that way, so why not embrace it? My friend Jennifer once dumped a guy because he refused to carve a pumpkin with her for Halloween because he didn't want to get sticky. I think the same rule applies here, except we're not talking about pumpkin seeds…

Anyway, the phone is turned on in my bedroom, car is gassed up, boss put on notice, flip and camera are packed in my purse with backup batteries (just in case) and all we need now is for baby boy to decide he ready to introduce himself. I wonder if this is how Scott felt when I was about ready to pop?


  1. that pumpkin comment has me thinking about a particular friend i have, and i realize that he's going to be lonely and alone forever. LOL

    good luck with the va-jay-jay!

  2. I loved the experience of watching Jonas being born. It was so cool! This time I’ll be calling boy or girl. Just hope I don’t screw it up.

  3. I have the same wish one day!